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Apologise, infinite dongwoo dating rumor serious?

INFINITE SCANDAL Funny Clip #3: Sungyeol steals Woohyun's girlfriend

With the confirmation of Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung's relationship last night , netizens are taking another look at the organization that spread rumors saying they were dating several months ago and trying to evaluate the truth behind some of their other rumors as well. These are just rumors spread by the same people that predicted LBH and LMJ's relationship, so take them as what you will. Some say that it's controlled by reporters or government officials wanting to create headlines for their own benefits hiding scandals, creating scandals, diverting attention, etc , but I don't know much more than that. Others claim it's spread by word of mouth from staff of the industry. I do see their rumors come up in the news often but they use too much anonymity to make much use of it. I will not go back for the old ones unless confirmed recently. Famous actor 'A', who's notorious for not letting any co-star actress out of his grips, has been rumored to have messed with 'B'.

Dongwoo ill-mannered girl friend out here in Starbucks without any shoes on straddling him All I'm saying infinite should date in peace they are human beings too but those girls they choose need to respect the member's image too. Feb 18, Messages: Potato land, land of the cuties. When did this happen? Queen , LovelySerenity and haylucky like this. Honestly, it's not even how she's sitting that's getting to me.

I see people doing that all the time, and as long as their legs aren't in the way of others then I really couldn't care less. I don't care that he's dating her, they both deserve happiness.

What is getting me, is the lack of shoes. Since I was little my mother has burned into my head "always wear shoes in public, you don't know what's one these floors" and it's just common courtesy to wear your shoes. Maybe Dongwoo and his girlfriend wanted to get caught?

INFINITE's Dongwoo Allegedly Caught With A Girlfriend In Public + Woollim Denies It's Dongwoo

I mean, they'd have to be pretty out of it to not realize that Dongwoo has fans that will recognize him and take pictures. Mar 16, Messages: Being really far up Chanyeol's Ass Location: I sometimes get a bit annoyed when people get careless-I think its ridiculous that idols need to hide relationships to begin with-but when you're dating an idol have the fucking decency to try and keep it secret because it being revealed will create a massive backlash that can cause serious damage mentally, emotionally, and career wise as well.

Oct 31, Messages: Honestly felt so bad for Myungsoo, but in Dongwoo's case I'm like c'monnnnn. He obviously has the right to date and to do that freely, but that girl lacks commom decency and manners and he should have warned her or something, people were going to be angry regardless of her being without shoes and sitting like that in a public place, but they made it that much worse.

Jan 20, Messages: If it was a western musician - I would feel different - probably wouldn't think much of it - she could sit on him or whatever. But they are Korean - it's a completely different culture. Kpop idols are attacked about possible dating and torn apart by crazy fans.

Besides it's more of a conservative country - the girls should respect them and not act stupid. No matter how much you want it - you can't date an idol like a normal person would - you have to sacrifice intimacy in public and only share it between them.

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INFINITE's Dongwoo allegedly caught with a girlfriend in public + Woollim denies it's Dongwoo

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Infinite dongwoo dating rumor

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