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Boat speedometer hook up join

How to Repair a Non Working Boat Speedometer

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This brings a change in the air pressure in the hose.


Needless to say, the pressure fluctuates as your boat moves at different speeds. To conclude, the system puts together two certain numbers for water speed and pressure. The pressure increases in proportionate to the water speed. And, an increase in air pressure tells the meter to show faster speed. Contrarily, lower speed indications refer to decreases in air compression. This is how a boat speedometer works. But for your basic know-how, this will be okay. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

How to hook up the speedometer Jim, You mentioned a tube coming from the motor that needs to be hooked up to the speedo. What does it look like.

Can you describe it for me or give me a diagram? The tubing end just plugs into the back of the speedometer. BTW, the speedometer needs no electric to work If your motor is not so equipped, your boat may have a pitot installed on the bottom of the transom with tubing going up into the back of the boat. That tube continues forward to the speedo, and again just plugs into the back.

If your boat has neither, you can buy a pickup from any boating supply for very little cost Walmart may even have it.

Boat speedometer hook up

How to hook up the speedometer Good stuff Jim. Did you happen to read my reply about the fuel guage above. I am a little nervous about blowing up this thing if I hook it to the battery. Can you tell me more about that? Connects with 2 single spade male and 1 pitot connector.

Mounting bracket, pickup, and pitot hose included. We're your port for thousands of hard to find bo Boat Speedo Pick Up Kit.

Fixing an outboard speedometer

Pitio tube pick up and 25' of hose and hardware kit included. I am selling an Evinrude Johhnson marine speedometer kit, part number This kit comes with a pickup, a speedometer, mounting hardware, and the speedometer hose.


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