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That interfere, bts dating vcr happens

Suga dating video + BTS reaction to it

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Anti-fans plan Twitter attack against BTS + ARMY respond

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Zip Code , They asked Rapmonster to perform a freestyle dance. The first one is abt a member who always act like an artist. Namjoon explained abt the zip code: So it's been hours, that we, bangtan and army had been tgt: Jimin mentioned that Jhope said backstage there are 2 points for today's fanmeeting.

Bts dating vcr

Recently,Jungkook doesn't want to go sleep. After schedules, he'll do covers. But once he sleeps, he sleeps like a corpse. So why do you not sleep? Rapmonter hangs his clothes everywhere. You hang it everywhere too. Yoongi hyung LMAO https: ARMY 4 line poem, Taehyung ver. ARMY isn't a happy ending.

Post to Facebook Tweet this Send by e-mail Link. The muster was the fan-meeting for the official fanclub. Everything in this post is mixed together from both shows. Can I open this? What could be the present inside the box? Ring to celebrate the 2nd year anniversary 3. J Hope chose No.

I recently tried the earphones you gave me.

After School Club(Ep.191) BTS(?????) _ Full Episode _ 122215

And I have a song that I recently really like! The song Jin likes to listen these days is? Park Hyoshin - Wild Flower 2.

Naul - Nothing Better 3. Sung Sikyung - In the street. What do you want to do? After coffee, where would you like to go with him? Shall we go watch a movie? Rap Monster told Jimin that he should go with No.


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