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Wealth is said to be one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs which is why older richer men have never had any problems in finding young women as partners. It is only when the notions of equality and mutual respect emerged in modern times that a huge age difference in relationships began to seem out of line. However like any other romantic equation, dating richer older men has its own pros and cons and here are few worth considering. Click here to meet millionaire men looking for women to date He is successful The most obvious advantage of dating an older man is being perhaps the material success that you can partake of as his partner. An older man is far more likely to be established and successful in his career than a younger guy, not to mention being debt-free.

If you can succeed in finding a millionaire you share interests with and can actually bond with, it may not be a bad idea to consider a serious commitment. In any case, all types of relationships have their share of challenges. For wealthy women, dating a millionaire may be the better option.

Although the social stigma related to dating richer women is slowly eroding away, it takes a lot of courage in a man to go ahead with the decision.

Regardless of the millions the relationship might be bringing to the table, misery will be your companion throughout the lifetime of that relationship.

The worst thing is that you may not even take a cent with you after filing for divorce. Traditionally, millionaires are known to frequent hotels and restaurant bars during afternoon hours. You can consider examining your seductive abilities with a millionaire. Most women looking for millionaires to date are taking their search to rich men dating sites. For rich women open to serious commitments, millionaire dating sites are the best option.

For younger women in search for a taste of finer things from rich guys, sugar daddy websites are the better option. In fact, such websites allow for much specified searches. Lastly, you can consider a matchmaking service. Your email address will not be published. Disadvantages of dating a millionaire They are hard to trust It can take months or years before a speck of trust is gained from a millionaire. Is it a good idea to date a millionaire? Where to find a millionaire to date Traditionally, millionaires are known to frequent hotels and restaurant bars during afternoon hours.

Why Rich Handsome Men Marry Unattractive Women - School Of Affluence

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Pros and cons of dating a millionaire must know facts before dating a rich man

This page explains all the policies of this website. This is not to imply that you will be bossed over or tossed about all the time but expect him to decide when and where to go out on most occasions and take the major decisions affecting your relationship. Even worse than that is the fact that you are likely to receive less respect as an individual as compared to a relationship with a younger guy where you both are practically on the same level of professional and personal development.

This does vary with the individual and if you can hold your own, your youth may help you get more importance.

He is looking to boost his ego Even though an older and successful partner might possess emotional maturity and a sense of responsibility, he may choose not to bring those qualities into a relationship.

Rather his decision for picking a young woman as a partner might be his way of boosting his self-esteem as he approaches a mid-life crisis or is caught in the grip of one. Men who take on sugar babies are usually at an age when they need to be reassured that their masculinity has not diminished.

Cons of dating a wealthy man

Sex is not always that good Wonder drugs like Viagra have ensured that men can be sexually active far longer into their years. However sex with an older partner comes with its own set of complications. On one hand the lack of respect in a relationship might make you feel little more than a sex object while the actual act of sex with your partner might be far from satisfying, unless you're truly in love.

In fact on some occasions you may even have to put in more effort to bring about a desired result. Making love with a younger partner on the other hand is perhaps a much more intense and fulfilling experience, borne as it is on the waves of sexual chemistry and visual appeal.

You're more likely to be at a disadvantage if the age gap runs is very large with the man being from your father's generation.

Pros and Cons of Dating Richer Older Men

He has other commitments The chief advantage of dating an older, richer man lies in being able to afford the luxuries and material comforts without seeming to work for it. There may be in the background ex-wives receiving handsome alimonies and children from former marriages needing substantial child support.

So factor in all these points before expending time and effort in snagging a rich older partner only to find out that he is already inundated with responsibilities.


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