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CANNONBALLS found in the river with Garrett AT Pro !

But on one beach in Charleston, South Carolina, the storm also uncovered a long-lost piece of history: Just knowing a little bit about the Civil War, I know that they put fuses in cannonballs for them to explode when they desired them to. The Charleston area has serious history when it comes to the Civil War. To this day, long-lost weaponry dating back to the Civil War is found across the south, and while they are fascinating pieces of history they can still cause serious damage. Back in , a Virginia resident was killed when a cannonball he was restoring as part of his collection of antique armaments exploded, the Associated Press reported at the time. After confirming that they were, in fact, leftover cannonballs, the artifacts were safely detonated later that evening, making the beach once again secure for swimmers and strollers alike.

Falconets were invented in the late 15th century and were used throughout the 16th and 17th centuries.

CBLL011 Grace Love and The Cannonballs "Rain"

Tuesday 9th October Last updated: Tuesday 13th November Spatial data recorded. Awaiting validation A possible stone cannon ball of medieval to Post Medieval date, about AD It is sub-spherical and made from what appears to be igneous rock, perhaps granite with possible feldspar inclusions.

It could be made for a non-standard firearm if it is a cannon ball. Other uses in industry cannot be ruled out. Awaiting validation A probable iron cannon ball of post-medieval date, circa AD The cannonball is sub-spherical with a diameter ranging from The ball is of a dark-brown or rust red colour.

The cannon ball is in used condition with multiple pitting and dents. This cannon ball may date to the Dutch raid on the Medway Ports AD , having been recovered lying on the mud at low tide close off Upnor Castle. Wednesday 19th September Last updated: Wednesday 24th October Spatial data recorded. Awaiting validation Iron cannonball of probable post medieval date c. AD - Heavily corroded with a flaking surface.

As this type endured from the later 16th century through the following century, with slight fluctuations in its diameter and weight of shot. Wednesday 29th August Last updated: Wednesday 29th August Spatial data recorded.

Greater London Authority Workflow stage: The cannonball is sub-spherical with a diameter of c. There is a circular protrusion on one side or base measuring roughly The ball is of a dark-brown colour.. The cannon ball is in fairly good condition; however, there are a number of areas which exhibit pitting and dents Created on: Thursday 16th August Last updated: Tuesday 28th August Spatial data recorded.

Awaiting validation A cast, copper alloy ball, probably a small cannonball dating from The ball is sub-spherical and the surface is damaged with numerous score marks and pitting. This does not match any of the standard sizes known for late eighteenth or early 19th century cannonballs, the closest match being for a Serpentine, which fired balls of 1. It is also unusual in being of copper alloy, but this has very little metal-on-metal friction, which made it invaluable for use in cannon where iron cannonballs would otherwise stick in the barrel.

It could be a cannon ball but … Created on: Wednesday 8th August Last updated: Tuesday 4th September Spatial data recorded. Awaiting validation An iron ball, possibly a piece of canister shot from a post medieval gunpowder weapon. The object is roughly spherical with an uneven surface, mostly coated in reddish orange iron oxide rust.

Monday 18th June Last updated: Tuesday 26th June Spatial data recorded.

Dating cannonballs

This findspot is known as 'Melling', grid reference and parish protected. Awaiting validation A complete cast iron probable shot or cannon ball dating from the post-medieval period, about AD It is a sphere of iron, with a slightly pited and corroded surface, dark brown in colour. It may have been itended for use in a Serpentine cannon which had a nominal bore size of 1. Corrosion may have altered the size and weight of this example.

Saturday 26th May Last updated: Wednesday 30th May Spatial data recorded. Isle of Wight Workflow stage: Awaiting validation A possible post-Medieval lead alloy possible cannon ball c. This sub-spherical object has a flattened area, possibly due to impact.

Two deep bisecting grooves may have been deliberately incised. This object is yellowish buff. Friday 4th May Last updated: Saturday 5th May Spatial data recorded. This findspot is known as 'Isle of Wight', grid reference and parish protected.

East Riding of Yorkshire Workflow stage: Awaiting validation A complete lead-alloy probable cannonball of Post-Medieval date, c. The cannonball is spherical with hammered edges making the surface irregular. It is not clear whether the cannon ball has been fired.

Dating cannon balls

The metal has a mid-grey patina and is worn. The object is The size and weight of the ball suggests that it would fit a 'rabinet' cannon which had a 1inch bore and shot a 0. Wednesday 25th April Last updated: Monday 30th April Spatial data recorded.

Redcar and Cleveland Workflow stage: Awaiting validation A complete cast iron cannon ball of Post-medieval date AD The object is sub-spherical and has a diameter of This would place the object within the diameter range of the Falcon cannon. Alternatively, it is possible that balls of this size were used collectively as grape shot in larger cannon. The Falcon cannon came into use during the latter half of the 15th Century and was mounted on wheels to make it more mobile.

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Civil War Cannon Balls

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