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Sorry, that dating fit guys pity, that

4 TINDER Pictures that will DOUBLE Your MATCHES

You know that random Instagram pic of a shirtless hunk you were just drooling over? When I say that my boyfriend is a fitness model, there are three reactions I usually get: How did that happen? Most people immediately want to see pictures. It might seem like some super elusive thing, like dating a celebrity, but we just met in college.

Luckily, I've gotten used to sharing him and his sexy bod with the rest of the world.

This model is getting real about fit men who are attracted to plus-size women

He's also moonlighted as a romance novel character, a Greek god, and a sexy cowboy. His social media fans do more elaborate birthday Facebook posts than I do. They legitimately pull every picture of him that they can find, make collages, and write heartfelt messages wishing him the happiest of birthdays—as if they're BFFs.

And ladies, let's stop with the desperate comments. There is such a thing as too many heart-eye emojis. I love when he's hanging out at my place—but by the time he leaves, I don't have one scrap of food left.

He eats literally all the time. Which is fine, because that gives me an excuse to eat all the time.

And he's always eating crazy healthy, which is great. Except for when I'm craving burgers and ice cream. It's a fun challenge trying to get him to cross over to the dark side and eat treats with me. I've literally dangled creme puffs in his face, but he is crazy resilient against my efforts. It's kind of cool that he can curl a dumbbell the size of me in one hand.

Although I do worry sometimes that he could crush me in his sleep. The more time I spend with him, the more I start to feel like we're the same size. Then we walk past a mirror together and I remember his arm is the size of my torso. If I miss him, I can just go buy him on Amazon. You may unknowingly stumble across him while shopping for fit gear on the internet. But while you're focusing on whether you like that Under Armour t-shirt, I see the cutie wearing it.

I always hated looking at myself in the mirror next to them but I sure as hell didnt mind being with them lol. There are not a lot of fit women out there to go around, especially the type of women you linked This is just like your leagues question Women usually just go to classes to burn fat and stay toned a little bit to get rid of the chocolate or bad food they ate that week just to like maintain that ever delicate balance and never-ending battle with weight, not muscle or being toned and that's pretty much most guys can ever realistically expect That leaves a lot of girls that are average, even overweight, able to realistically date better looking and in-shape men But it doesn't work the other way around, men need to raise the bar because things are not "equal", they have to do more overall to attract women.

So really, them being fit and good-looking Now if the guy is very good looking, very fit, and has that laundry list of criteria that other women desire too At that point your main competition is other women, and THEN that's when you might need to be fit or toned, or basically not average or overweight.

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A few pounds here or there isn't unhealthy. At first glance I find a highly toned, strong muscle definition body to be unattractive on a woman. While a sign of health, it's very masculine. To each their own.

Dating fit guys

I like thick curvy girls way more than skinny or toned ones. They just appear more feminine to me.

Plus Size Dating-- When the "hot" guy likes you

Not to mention hugging them being all squishy is awesome. My last boyfriend was hot and pretty fit, and said he preferred a woman with some fat on her, as "women should be soft". He was very turned off by the gym rat look in women, thought it made them look masculine. I'm pretty fit myself - more fit than he is, but I have plenty of curves - and he was always trying to fatten me up a little. I didn't give in to that, but it was a nice change from your typical guy.

So yes, there are hot, fit men who aren't looking for the gym rat type. I find that it depends on what your goal are working out. Not the one you tell your friends and family about.

So those who, deep down, are working out to attain a certain body image are the ones who put importance on the way their partner's bodies look. Then you have people who play a sport, and work out to be in better shape for their sport, or just work out to be in good health or to attain a certain level of athleticism or reach goals Also known as PRs - for personal record - and I think those are the ones who don't care about the way their partner's body looks but would rather find a partner with similar fitness interests and goals.

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What It's Really Like to Date a Fitness Model

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You are the love. Do girls dump guys more often guys?


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