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Amusing phrase dating gretsch snare drums the same

Gretsch Catalina Club (New Version) Improved and Upgraded : Bearded Drums (Season 2, Episode 2)

To mark this milestone, we proudly present the Limited Edition Gretsch th Anniversary drum set and commemorative snare drum. The shell's design is nearly identical to the original and the results are nothing short of spectacular. Gretsch celebrates its th anniversary with USA-made limited edition drum sets and the original Gretsch Round Badge makes its return. Eighteen years after the company was sold to Baldwin, Fred W. Gretsch, great-grandson of the company founder, fulfills his promise to buy the company back and return it to the family fold. Gretsch establishes drum manufacturing center in Ridgeland, S.

The Gretsch-Gladstone drum line is introduced. Gretsch introduces the original Broadkaster series, which eventually grows into one of the world's most revered drum sets of all-time.

Friedrich Gretsch, 27, who emigrated from Germany at 16, opens a small music shop in Brooklyn, N.

Each badge is unique and in its own way has become a classic over time. Learn more about the iconic badges for each era.

The One - Steve Ferrone - 6?" ? 14" Gretsch USA Bell Brass (G4169BBR)

For more than years, our award-winning company has been providing "That Great Gretsch Sound" to drummers around the globe. Skip to main content. Gretsch History That Sound!

Click here for more info. Gretsch celebrates its th Anniversary by releasing a limited edition drum set. Gretsch was recognized as the largest musical instrument manufacturer in the United States.

This is the best way to narrow down the possible date of your vintage Gretsch drums. The badge has changed drastically over the years. The first Gretsch badge, introduced in the s and in use until the s, was a round brass over nickel badge nailed to the drum with upholstery tacks. The badge featured the Gretsch logo.

How to Date Gretsch Drums

There have been 10 badges in Gretsch history, all of which can be found on the Gretsch website to help you identify the general time period of your Gretsch see Resources. Identify the color of your Gretsch drum set. Gretsch drums came in distinct colors and changed through the years. They range in serial number from to and are fairly well spread out in that range. The next model in the log has serial number This drum and those that follow have the center design.

Help identify Gretsch drum model

It appears to be a very clean switch between the two alternative shell designs. A round number to use for the change is at serial number about half way between the data points.

Spongebob provides a starting point of around for the chrome drums. This is before the labels started in about There may be several pre-label drums in existence. I suspect that it took about 4 years for Gretsch to produce 60, drums.

Dating gretsch snare drums

Therefore, there could have been several years of drums without the center design, some with and some without labels. A couple of caveats: I did not initially record whether a model drum had the center design, so there are some drums in the log for which I do not have the information - There are an additional three RB model drums with serial numbers lower than for which I do not have the information.

As all of the opinions that I express which are based upon serial numbers, one must accept the theory that Gretsch used serial numbers in roughly numerical order. If that theory is wrong, then a date estimate based upon serial numbers is not helpful and we must fall back to using physical characteristics. PDFrogman - Does your drum have a label with a serial number?


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