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ECHOPLEX Teaser Trailer (Full Release)

Read the current issue of VG. For those of you checking out our Echoplex series for the first time and regular readers, too , a brief glance back: In a nutshell, the EchoSonic was the only commercially available echo-producing device in the U. All other echo came from converted three-head reel-to-reel tape decks, a standard in recording studios by the end of the decade. Considering the continued demand for vintage models and replacement tapes, it seems safe to say a large number of guitarists still rely on this user-friendly tape echo. While the original models did not have any designation other than the brand name, later upgrades would necessitate the EP-1 name be applied posthumously.

The second input jack can be used instead of the first if no echo is desired, but once something is plugged into the first, both have echo. This necessitated a taller lid than the later models.

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Following an important circuit change, the Echoplex received a new model designation and a larger cabinet. The wider box is one way to distinguish the EP-2 from the 1, with a hollow space added to the right side of the workings note: Most important was combining the separate echo and instrument volume controls to a single pan pot, making the unit much more musician-friendly, especially for one-handed manipulation while performing.

There was no more fussing over the blend between echo and instrument levels, as the single volume knob with full instrument counterclockwise and full echo clockwise was simply turned until the desired mix was achieved, all at a constant volume. Although it offered a bit less control in the fine-tuning department, this could be compensated for with the volume control on the amplifier. Setting the record level was more important than on the early model, but once set for the instrument or microphone, the EP-2 was a more practical live unit.

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A pilot light in place of the third knob was another practical addition, leaving room around the controls. This defeated the erase head, as in the playback mode, but left the record head on and activated a separate playback head. A multitrack recorder of sorts was created, allowing the player to record a track and then add to it when that section of the tape came around again.

If the second pass was successful, a third track could be added to the point where 1. Back then, this feature was much more desirable. A prototype was made having a footswitchable memory point that would return the tape to where a passage started and play it back at the touch of another footswitch.

If the unit worked properly, you could start the machine at the beginning of a passage and stop it after a certain number of measures, with the tape returning to its memory point. Then the player could kick it in during a reprise and play a harmony part to it. The idea came from Dixon wanting to reproduce, in a performance situation, some of the tricks you could do at home with an Echoplex Sound-On-Sound.

Absolute precision was required and the unit never went into production. The first EP-2s with S. While the change from C. Their new transistorized unit was again designed by Mike Battle, who was by then working for Market Electronics full-time.

A minor but important change for those who varied the delay time was turning around the tape transport, bringing the lever to the front of the deck and the numbers to the control panel where they could be seen more precisely.

Unfortunately, the repeats now called sustain and echo volume balance knobs were moved closer together. For many players this was of no consequence, but others had to pay more attention when doing knob-turning special effects. Later models have the symmetrical propeller knobs seen on the EP-4s and a Willoughby, Ohio, address. If you are not averse to having solidstate devices in your signal path, an EP-3 would be a fine choice for players looking to purchase an Echoplex but not wanting to pay premium prices for a tube model.

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In most setups, the differences would be minimal and these units can be found for not much more than a new digital pedal. The four-segment LED recording level meter, a control panel-mounted record level knob and separate microphone input and PA mixer output jacks were other new additions.

Mike Battle claims he was not involved in the EP-4 and sites a few problems in the design. One involved adding a noise gate that could be heard cutting the signal off as it approached full decay. Afterwards straightened been constantly many echoplex serpents opposite the self-imparted noontide, but any lizard she would leper.

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