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Long free bootstrap dating template commit

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Return to free Joomla! Competition is fierce, and a good looking online presence can help them choose your services instead of your competitors'. Dating Joomla Template is the perfect solution, both for those building their own dating site and for designers building on behalf of clients. No matter what audience are you aiming at, gay, straight, bisexual, and everything in between - Dating Joomla Templates will easily facilitate all your requirements. When dating is your main niche, you have to make your website and services accessible at all times, on all platforms, both mobile and desktop.

While not defrayal abundant time and any cash, Mobapp helps your effort create simple and convenient. The recent style let alone the Bootstrap framework, this template may be a massive addition to free HTML landing page templates.

You probably faced many troubles to find free HTML landing page templates that match your idea and need both. Boxify is one of the most compelling for software company website template free download that you can lay your eyes on and comes with super sleek CSS3 animations. It prioritizes user experience and totally dawns and wins the modern look it was going for.

People have to undergo the path for exploring the best-suit templates that help them make their websites unbeatable and extraordinary. Here you wish to gift your content in order that users tend to click on the unjust buttons not to mention that an exclusive template like Zender will try this job most acceptable method. Thanks to Robust, one of the best free Bootstrap admin template you will also find a suitable user interface for your project. For those who get started though, this best free admin template will help you launch your project without any financial investment required.

You can choose from the selection of components, elements, and cards available in the template packs while creating your custom dashboard. Robust is mobile responsive so it should work on large and small screen displays. Check out the online demo, you can try it for yourself on your choice of devices to see if it meet your requirements. Adding charts, graphics, buttons, alerts, and tables are just some of the features you can add to your admin pages.

Robust includes animation effects and other UI elements to help make your dashboard more attractive. Matrix Admin provides a wealth of admin dashboard features all packaged up in a stylish metro-inspired design. Because of this time period chart component, you'll keep your users up to now with the newest changes to your information.

If this feature looks like it'd be helpful for your dashboard, you'll see associate degree example of it in action on the live demo page. Despite being a free download, the Admin LTE Dashboard can assist you to produce a premium looking admin area. Thanks to its versatile nature, you'll simply set the backgrounds of the panel to display images. As an alternative, you'll take a custom combination to match your brand.

Other ways that you can ensure your control panel has a premium look are the refined menu animations, the library of huge icons, and the varied typography settings. With Admin LTE Dashboard, you can conjointly build use of multiple notification styles to give your admin panel an interactive feel. Whether you want to alert your users through the menus or add notification panels to the dashboard itself, this free Bootstrap template gives you the option.

Monster Admin is a mobile optimized and multi-device ready responsive admin dashboard template for webmasters who enjoy to look at and work with FLAT design. The template comes inbuilt with plenty of User Interface kits that have been built using Bootstrap. There are a ton of elements to choose from, like pricing tables, Chart.

You get two pages for full-on management the login page, and also a custom landing page. The design is really neat and modern. The SB Admin Dashboard template has been designed to mirror the values of beauty and ease.

The model is sitting on a foundation of the newest Bootstrap three specifications and is totally compatible with cross-devices; that means responsive. The model package offered is supplied with a big assortment of web site components that may provide various artistic ways in which to form the type of admin dashboard that most accurately fits your needs. The inclusion of the variety of huge front-end development tools is what's going to assist you to kickstart the idea of your next project.

Not solely will CoreUI work with a large kind of libraries, as well as Laravel, Angular, and React, however, is additionally incorporates a completely trendy style and look. The selection of demos boasts CoreUI in an exceedingly vary of configurations, serving to you to induce a way of however your dashboard might look if you select this Bootstrap admin template.

This particular dashboard is incredibly token and light-weight in terms of however it's, however, the practicality looks to make amends for that. You get access to a Calendar for managing events, a Charts page for doing statistics and general analysis Morris. The material has more than enough widgets to get you started. Some of the options that are ready to be deployed to your custom dashboard include calendar, news, progress bar, timeline, chat, and contact form widgets.

With a clean and modern design, Material should appeal to anyone who wants to create an uncluttered dashboard for their project. Adjusting the colors, changing the fonts, and modifying the general appearance of your admin dashboard is all straightforward enough with Material.

In fact, with sixty handcrafted elements, you must have everything you would like to make a singular and fitting dashboard for your website, app, or different comes. A number of those elements embrace essential social media stat displays, graphs, and charts in a variety of formats, task lists and checkboxes, tables, and lots of different choices. Icons are often used throughout your custom dashboard consistent with your wants.

The on the market choices all look nice and follow the Google Material style pointers. The classic Roboto font family is employed because of the default font throughout this Bootstrap admin template. Adding notification boxes to your custom style is roofed too, due to the choice of prebuilt choices. Despite being a free transfer, the sunshine Bootstrap Dashboard can assist you to produce a premium wanting admin space.

Because of its versatile nature, you'll be able to simply set the backgrounds of the panel to show pictures. Instead, you'll be able to take a custom color scheme to match your complete. Different ways in which you'll be able to guarantee your electrical device features a premium look area unit the refined menu animations, the library of icons, and also the varied typography settings. With lightweight Bootstrap Dashboard, you'll be able to additionally build use of multiple notification designs to provide your admin panel associate interactive feel.

Whether or not you wish to alert your users through the menus or add notification panels to the dashboard itself, this free Bootstrap example offers you the choice. As well as being free to use, Adminator Admin has a fully modern design. The default layout of the dashboard includes a good selection of panels that show off what this admin template can do. When it comes to adding panels to your admin dashboard, you can choose from a range of styles.

As well as the standard card design, you can also use the pre-built card templates to add success, warning, info, and danger color-coded panels to your pages. Due to this period chart component, you'll keep your users up thus far with the newest changes to your knowledge. If this feature appears like it'd be helpful for your dashboard, you'll see the associate example of it in action on the live demo page. We tend to terribly excited to introduce our thought on materials through a straightforward to use and extremely stunning set of elements.

Dashboard material was engineered on the popular Bootstrap framework and it comes with one or two of third-party plugins redesigned to suit with the remainder of the weather. The subtle dashboard is instantly showcasing its skillfulness by providing three completely different dashboard templates to settle on from, lease you play with the online style of the template right from the beginning.

One in all the largest variations between the opposite templates is that Klorofil packs some very neat options within the departments of Charts and Forms. When it involves chart choices and the way you would like to gift information, Blur Admin includes all the most choices.

Chart, pie, line, and bar graphs and charts area unit all enclosed, and you get a decent deal of management over however they appear. Because of the shortcode library, you'll simply add some helpful components to your pages. The vogue and look of Blur Admin won't be able to vie with a number of a lot of trendy dashboard UI kits, however, it's a solid set of options all the same.

Modular may be a sensible open source work that is constructed on latest Bootstrap four framework. All the bootstrap elements and javascript plugins work effectively in this model. Live charts, tables, forms, sign in, drop-down menus and registration pages, journal posts etc build this a novel model for backend applications. The UI components vogue template can assist you style custom pages in minutes. Now, these days people spend their time in hotels for the enjoyment and refreshment.

A website is an essential part of your business up to the next level. As an owner, you may want to create a website for your business solutions as restaurants, foods or coffee shop with responsive layouts as it will be fit for your services.

You can create a showcase for the food menu, collect orders and communicate with clients easily from a website. It is ideal for restaurants, cafes, bakeries, bars and coffee shops. Food Code is packed with everything you need to create a new website from scratch: Do you want to easily and swiftly design a quality site, without having to cut corners?

The template is based on mobile-friendly Foundation framework. Veggie is best used to enhance Food and Drink websites. In order to showcase your best dishes of the month and retain the attention of potential clients, you can implement month special section.

You will be able to highlight the available dishes in the menu cart while on the move, making it easier to maintain an excellent site. So if you are looking for a template to launch your restaurant website than Instant might be the one solution. Its cool design and eye-catching color will surely attract your customers whereas its different pages.

Be sure that by Instant a Bootstrap based free restaurant template you will grab the attention of your visitors. Willing to build a site for your restaurant or cafe? Get it today because it is fully free. It is flat responsive and compatible with all handheld devices.

Aside is a free HTML Bootstrap based free restaurant template suitable for your restaurant, cafe, fast food business website. It is also contained Google fonts, good images, and jQuery for different dynamic effects.

It is built in a fancy flat style but can be used as per your requirements. It is compatible with all web browsers, smartphones and tablets. Resto is a luxurious and absolutely free Bootstrap primarily based restaurant template for them who are going to build a restaurant or food website. The dominant color can bring your customers a robust impression. Its glorious slider can enable you to showcase your amazing things in a sublime approach. Now we are representing Vegan another Bootstrap based free restaurant template.

It has all the sections you need to deploy your culinary website. It is a clean bootstrap template with a unique color style and layout. Vegan has a plenty of features that come in handy, the colors, texture, font-awesome icons, flat grid design and alignment make this Bootstrap based free restaurant template extraordinary. Savory is a versatile HTML template that can enhance every aspect of your website.

The template is very adaptable, due to its vast roster of practical features. Your restaurant site can be accessed from tablets, smartphones, laptops or desktop PCs. In addition, it is compatible with most web browsers. Your page will have a centered menu style, perfect for showcasing your most enticing selections and menu items. It is obvious that Teasty is a well-designed product. Despite its versatility, Teasty is best used to improve restaurant websites.

This HTML template has a very professional and streamlined look, in addition to a sizable roster of useful features. Every element of Teasty is very easy to edit, given that this product is extremely user-friendly. You do not need to hire any third-party web developers. If you are searching for a professional, reliable, and beautiful HTML template, look no further than Delicious. Delicious lets webmasters from all backgrounds achieve professional quality results without fail.

Restaurants, coffee shops, and diners love Delicious's landing pages. Your content and offers can be viewed on high-resolution Retina displays and most web browsers. You can depend on Delicious to be the face of your restaurant for the world to see. Get the customers coming in through the door, with Delicious!

Whatever the nature of your project is, you need a face to show the public. Soon is a simple and focused HTML template. Soon is a comprehensive and ambitious, pliable and endlessly flexible, extensively developed, feature-rich, fast loading and search engine optimized, developer friendly responsive HTML5 Coming Soon website template.

Soon's multiple layouts and templates provide you with that face in a matter of minutes. Soon has been built to be easy to use and intuitive solution for webmasters of absolutely any skill level to effortlessly produce professional-looking websites for their upcoming projects, or any other sort of Coming Soon website out there. Launcher is incredibly comprehensive and impressively flexible, very attractive and visually stunning, vibrant and colorful, and very neatly developed responsive HTML5 Coming Soon website template.

The launcher is very developer friendly and wonderfully time-saving, featuring conceptually different design layouts and each layout reinterpreted in innovative, creative ways. The launcher has been put together over time with a very attentive level of development and design.

The launcher is a template that has been constructed incorporating the latest and greatest web development technologies and standards. Webuild is a truly comprehensive Coming Soon website template. Webuild is also deeply resourceful and functional, with plenty of features necessary of a Coming Soon website, such as subscription forms, countdown timers. It has been crafted as the ultimate solution for small to medium-sized businesses, enterprises, ventures and projects to put their upcoming projects, services, and products.

Webuild delivers a polished product that the most discerning audiences will find pleasing and move. Maundy is a gorgeous, modern, stylistically polished, creative, easy to use and customize, feature-rich, highly responsive HTML5 Coming Soon website template. Maundy is a very graphically polished Coming Soon website template that has been built with the latest and most powerful web technologies available.

Maundy has been packed to the brim with features like subscription forms, countdown timers. Visitors will feel relaxed and at ease, regardless of how far or soon your jQuery Countdown Timer is to hitting its mark. Pixicon is a completely creative, highly innovative, graphically polished, flashily attractive, user-friendly, easy to customize, reliable and well built responsive HTML5 Coming Soon website template.

Pixicon has been built to be the ultimate Countdown Clock website. Let your customers know about your upcoming website or project with Awesome. Pixicon is a fully responsive and coming soon bootstrap template with an impressive background and animated countdown timer preview. It features a slew of presentations that are centered on gorgeous and very well finished visual representations of the passage of time. From creative agencies to local firms, everyone who wants to expand their brand to the online space, Matrox is here to help you out.

Sometimes, you just need to keep things relatively simple to reach the best results. Matrox does just that. If you are looking for a free template that falls into the latter category, Matrox is the Bootstrap-based landing page template for you to take into consideration.

With the massive header, text, and call-to-action, you are equipped with all the needed to turn visitors to become your new and loyal clients. Floxi is a free Bootstrap landing page template that is the perfect option for both constructing a new or updating the current one. It is hard to ignore as amazing landing website template as Floxi is. For as long as you need a landing page style website, Floxi has all the resources you need. Use Floxi to welcome visitors with style and elegance as well as luxuriate them with something exclusive so they will not be able to resist but take action.

It is simple, yet very lively and energetic. Have the quickest solution for your business website and make a landing page with Floxi. In this day and age, every website must be fully responsive and that is a fact.

With that in mind, Intersteller is the free template that helps you build vivid and impactful landing pages easily. The layout of Intersteller is responsive and optimized for retina screens. The intersteller is great for websites in creative and development niches, like mobile apps, digital agencies, and small businesses. Each part of Intersteller template is carefully designed to perfection.

Take it to your advantage and make sure you use it to its full potential. Use Coming Sssoon Page to create following group users before actually starting your project! It comes with four example pages, two customized plugins, eight handcrafted components and many more. Coming Sssoon is light, easy to use and it helps you be in contact with your audience.

Waiting can be annoying. Erine is a beautiful free coming soon HTML template has animated menu, timer, social profiles, newsletter subscription, responsive design this template has it all. Hook up this template at the start of a certain project giving the client, visitors a feel to what they can expect in near future from you.

Advent is a perfect template to keep your visitors informed about the official website launch. Advent is a clean, modern and well-crafted free coming soon HTML5 template. The template features a countdown timer, a google map section, an about section where you can add information about your website and also a MailChimp ready ajax subscription form.

The responsive layout and elegantly animated countdown timer will surely attract your customers. The template is very customizable and pretty easy to use. Khronos is a creative pack of free coming soon HTML template pages.

It has striking minimal look with a flat background. If you strive for simplicity and minimality, this template is suitable for you. Khronos is available in three style variations: It is also MailChimp ready and has a working ajax contact form. It is fully responsive and retina ready, looks great on any screen and devices. For the most part, blogs seem quite similar compared to each other. It comes with a bunch of pages and blog layouts which you will find of high benefit.

I bet that is something you seldom see bloggers use for their pages. It's clean, straightforward and surely is not an everyday practice. All you need to do is to add your compelling content and success is ahead of you. The abstract is a modern, clean and masonry blog website template. Its great typography makes it the perfect template for your blog site. The design is minimal, clean, uses beautiful typography and makes great use of white space.

It also includes styles for the following post formats: The code behind Abstract is clean and organized which makes it very easy to customize. It is fully responsive and retina ready. It will look great, sharp and crisp on any devices and screen sizes. Gorgo is a dynamic and versatile free HTML portfolio template. It does have potential to benefit those with an artistic side and all professionals.

It suits any person at any given moment as long as they have a project in mind. The template is built with mobile, tablet devices as well with well coded responsive media queries.

Attract clients with amazing features and get them to appreciate what you offer! The design is a modern, elegant and minimalist style HTML template for designers. It is perfect for lazy, non-programmers, or simply busy people. It's a perfect web template for a portfolio. Modern portfolio-style theme with beautiful typography and attention to detail.

Built with creatives in mind, Design is suitable for a person, agency or studio show off of photos, videos or complete projects. You can make an astonishing site in few steps with this template. Showcase your latest works in a creative and charming way. Picxa is a minimal, creative and responsive full-screen template with grid system layout. But you will not face any issues if you plan to use it for a personal website. It is a perfect choice for wide range of websites such as personal blog, photography, personal portfolio, blog etc.

It is a free simple website template which you can use for all sorts of intentions. Let Picxa share your achievements, your services, a video presentation and your portfolio. Although Treviso was built with simplicity in mind, It is one of the unique website templates you have seen so far. Treviso is creative and modern, fully responsive, a multi-purpose Bootstrap template for photographers, mobile apps, creative agencies, artisans or business professionals to showcase photos, services, and portfolio.

However, it is best suited for digital agencies and small businesses. Treviso is a free simple website template which you can use for all sorts of intentions.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, then Kuiper Belt is definitely the way to go. With Kuiper Belt, you are able to promote your skills and expertness, showcase your portfolio and tell more about your company. It will help you share your story and write about news and other whatnots.

It truly is very innovative. And maybe it is all due to this outstanding feature why you will pick Boxus template for your website. Flopper is a free and minimal website template perfect for creating landing pages and one-page websites. Use your imagination and make Flopper work for you. From startups, creative individuals to all sorts of other firms and companies, Flopper is here to treat you right.

Homene offers you to display stats in a lovely animation and so do other section appear smoothly on the scroll. To test the waters and see how far you can come with a proper website, the free Homene template will help you create one. There is no need to pay a premium price when amazing free tools are available with which you can achieve expert levels, too.

Regarding visitors getting in touch with you, Homene's working contact form will take care of them. The magnet is a new portfolio HTML template with beautiful, minimalistic design created to show your work in the best way possible.

There is no need to be scrolling to find what the company is all about. It will help you show your professionalism and expertness. It's easy to use and customize, it's perfect for digital professionals.

Use Magnet free creative business template to bring your website to the top of the list of the best businesses in your industry. Keeping the focus on your works, Magnet would be the right fit whenever you need a website for a single designer or a big agency. Resume is a simple, creative and free website template to cover all your artistic needs. To cut a long story short, they simply will be, period.

There is no question whether or not your visitors will be intrigued by what you do. The resume is a free HTML Template for personal resume and you have everything you need to get your website personal resume. The simple, yet bright and vivid, free website template has all the necessary call-to-action buttons with one located in the menu section. The full-screen portfolio view and home page with Parallax sidebar.

Navigation is sticky to top - header. All the animations in Box are smooth and the clean typography adds to the effect. Ideal for your portfolio and photography showcase. Forty is very versatile, and it can be used for agency, portfolio or business website to present your work in a professional way and get new clients. For both business and pleasure, Forty is an ideal choice which is very easy to personalize and also have user-friendly options.

Basically, Forty is compatible with all devices, operating systems and web browsers. With Forty, now you can now proudly display your work while highlighting your individuality.

The template is fully responsive and SEO friendly. The template has been built using HTML5 and can be customized and uploaded very quickly. The code is documented and you can even contact the team for any help. Some features of the template are all browser compatibility, smooth animation, sticky header, strong user interface and amazing fonts. Lucid is an HTML5 template that is ideal for application landing web page.

It has a simple design and animations that look beautiful and well crafted. Preface is a HTML5 template in the personal category. This template is mobile responsive and browser compatible. It has a flat design that is ably supported with good color combination.

Free bootstrap date themes

It has a grid layout and animations that make it look quite presentable. Geek is a one page template built using bootstrap framework.

Ideal for portfolio type of site, Geek is responsive, provides smooth scrolling and has and offcanvas menu. Learner is a one page template that can be used for designing a college or school website. It is responsive and has cross browser compatibility. It has social media buttons and enough space to showcase all the content of an educational institute. Victory is a free, fully customizable educational template that can be used for multiple purposes.

It is mobile responsive, customizable and multi browser compatible. It has a multipurpose theme and a clean and flat design. Built using latest technologies it is fully responsive. Attention is an educational template that can be easily customized to fit any school or universities specific requirements.

It has a grid layout and looks great on any type of handheld device. Eduma is bootstrap framework template that has a video background. It can be used for a variety of educational institutes.

Responsive and browser compatible, Eduma has business pages like about, service and a contact form. A one page template that is ideal for corporate websites.

The page is responsive, quick to load and lightweight. Some features of Brandi include a parallax slider section, service feature, team introduction, contact form and animation effects. The website is fully compatible with all browsers and is SEO friendly too.

A company website developed by EvaTheme, White Pro boasts of a clean and clear design template. Developed with the latest technologies this template works well on all types of devices and screen sizes. The template has both single page and multiple pages.

Some features of this template are slide out footer, animated search bar and a stylish user interface. Lattes is an elegant one page free template which is suitable for businesses and agencies. A lightweight template, Lattes has features such as portfolio grid, fonts and icons, responsive design and navigation. It is an easy to customize template that is supported by comprehensive documentation. Pluton is a multipurpose landing page ideal for any type of design studio or creative agency.

The page has been developed in HTML5 and is completely responsive. It would work perfectly on all types of mobile phones, desktops and tablets. It comes with documentation hence it is easy to customize. Avada is a free HTML5 template that can be used for a variety of small and medium scale businesses. It can be easily used as a product web page or as a blog page.

Developed with the latest technology this template is completely responsive and browser friendly. Texas Lawyer is a free template designed to suit various types of law firms and legal services. This template can be easily used by anyone without any requirement for code know-how. It is an SEO friendly template that has been praised for its unique and creative design. Crew is a free bootstrap based html5 template which is suitable for any kind of websites you have.

Crew comes with unique features such as a preset of 8 types color variations, sleek animations scrolling, beautiful and ready to use elements and lots more. Sanza is an elegant one page template that is suitable for various types of creative agencies. Some features of Sanza are responsive navigation, awesome fonts and icons, responsive design and an elegant portfolio grid.

Dark Joe is a free one page template that is ideal for portfolio websites. It has been developed using the latest technologies and is hence fully responsive and compatible with all types of devices and screens. Not for big businesses, Dark Joe can be easily used by freelancers and developers. It is an SEO friendly template that can be customized according to requirements. Kards has clean and modern design that is suitable for personal websites.

Some features of this template are stats section, time line items, portfolio section and an ajax form. It is highly responsive and provides clear and sharp images on all types of devices. Letrinh is a free bootstrap portfolio template. It is good as one page website for personal or corporate use. It is responsive and can be easily customized.

Its design has some excellent color scheme and a grid type of layout. Bethany is a one page template that can be used for portfolio purposes. It has a minimalist design that looks unique and modern. Compatible with all modern browsers Bethany has navigation, form and various interface components. Ideal for freelancers, John Doe is a one page template that has an elegant and catchy design. It has some impressive color combination that looks great on portfolio websites.

It is a mobile friendly template that has been developed using HTML5. Light wave is a bootstrap template that is ideal for business websites. It is a one page template that has 6 style options and more than icons. A fully responsive template, Light wave is also fully documented. Obaju gives you the authority of building an ecommerce site perfectly. Obaju is one of the most downloaded html ecommerce themes which are ready to create an excellent and high performance fashion based ecommerce store.

Obaju has 22 free HTML pages ready to satisfy your need. For better support every pricing and the entire essential must-have feature has injected faultlessly. Knight is a free multipurpose Bootstrap html template that comes with fresh, up to date, and multipurpose advancement.

This theme is an absolutely one-pager and it features a full height intro to header. It features sections for services, portfolio, clients, team and contact form. This works well as a design agency, business or professional firm.

Alissa is an ideal HTML5 template for people wanting to build a subscribers list before the coming of a product or service. It has an email subscription form on the page that can be filled out by willing subscribers. It has an image slideshow, social icons and a countdown timer. It has a light weight and minimal design that helps it upload quickly. Asbe is a template for under construction website. It has a clean design and has features such as subscribe form, about us and count down timer and so on.

It is an easy-to-use and customize template that clearly communicates to the visitors the release date of your website. It has three color schemes, social icons and some awesome fonts. It is a fully responsive and browser compatible template. Construction is a free template that can be easily used for construction and building type of businesses. It has a clean and clear design and code that can be easily customized.

Some features of this template are on scroll animation, integrated Google fonts and a completely responsive design. The template is compatible on all browsers. Conference Lite is a free template that can be used for events and conferences meet up type of websites.

It has a sponsorship section, speaker section, an event schedule section, image gallery and an FAQ section. It has been inspired and created by real events websites. It has a one page layout that looks equally good on all types of handheld devices. Nuptial is a beautiful template that is ideal for any wedding website.

It has features such as sticky navigation, parallax effect and date countdown. It also showcases a gallery section where you can upload wedding photos. It also has a blogging section. Conjugal is a wedding category template that has been built using HTML5. This free template has features like flat icons, slider plugins, hover animations and impressive color layout and design.

Outline is a ready to use one page template perfect for landing pages but you can actually customize according to suit your every need. The feature of this template includes fully responsive, retina-ready, smooth scroll, off-canvass menu and content animation upon scrolling. Booster is suitable for landing pages and other related businesses. This stylish free HTML5 bootstrap template which has a nice homepage with big and smooth slider and sleek animation on features section.

This theme is best for showing off your products and features to the crowd. Drifolio comes with entire new design configuration to think of your little business account together with popular liveliness. The responsive one page outline of this organization is of interest together with numerous exceptional credits to setup the profile. Boxer responsive layout is intended for programming greeting pages. This web layout is made alongside a bootstrap stage with respect to most extreme impact.

This template is cent percent responsive and SEO friendly. The template has a clean design and is quick loading. Some features of this template are smooth animation, Google fonts and sticky header.

Twenty is a fully responsive template with a clean design. Built using the latest technologies, Twenty is compatible on all browsers.

It is a free template for developing travel webpages. Go Vihar is a free template for tourist planners and travel agencies. It is a multiple page template that can be customized as required. It has a clean design that is fully responsive and compatible on all browsers. Green wheels is a HTML5 template that is ideal for a bus booking business website.

Bootstrap - How to edit a bootstrap template

It has awesome fonts, animations, search fields and built-in forms. It has all the features that are required for running a bus travel website. Wanderer is a travel category template that has some beautiful color schemes, excellent images, hover animations and perfect alignment. It is a responsive template that would work well on all mobile devices. Prevention is a medical category free template that can be used for hospitals, clinics and other such medical facilities.

It is a multiple page template developed in HTML5 that showcases all the required pages for a successful medical website. Infirmary is a HTML5 free template in the medical category. It has a beautiful design and excellent functional capabilities. The template works well on all types of devices and screen resolutions. It is an easy-to-use and customize template that also provides cross browser compatibility.

A Clean and minimal html5 and css3 template for any kind of business, portfolio and other things. It comes with super drag and drop facility to reduce time to develop an impressive website.

A creative solution to all kinds of your creative business and you can screen the website on a big or small screen, laptop, tablet or phone as well as any kind of screen. It will always look great. A complete responsive theme with different layout, fixed width, and pixel perfect template that is free to use. You can freely download and use this for beautiful website template.

This freebie website design templates have four background selections, multiple color schemes as well as a beautiful full-screen background. It can help to get a better impression in coming soon template in the environment of Bootstrap 3 frame production. Medicio is a free bootstrap based landing page template that is designed for medical and health industry such as doctors, dentists, clinics and another health service company.

Medicio has 4 different variations on above the fold on area slider, built in form, call to action button and video. It is also coming with 10 predefined template colors. Voltage is a ground-breaking Multipurpose html5 bootstrap based Theme that exceeds every expectation of yours. There are lots of mesmerizing elements such as smooth parallax, jQuery counter, offcanvas menu on mobile is attached in the template. And this modern design template is suitable in all types of websites.

Display is clean and minimal free html5 template using bootstrap. This template works absolutely in all devices. It has a lot of features such as, fully responsive tab, latest pricing table, feature list, accordion, and off canvas menu on mobile.

Grocery store is a free template designed specifically for the ecommerce niche. This fully responsive template is suitable for online shopping, retail, grocery and other such type of businesses. Some features of this template are hover animations, dynamic shopping cart, slider images and grid design. This is a multi-page template that is also cross browser compatible.

Big store is a free HTML5 template that is ideal for various types of online retail estores. This multi-page template has some awesome features like video banner, responsive tabs, video player and correct alignment. This website template works well on all types of devices like mobiles, laptops and desktops. It works well on types of browsers too. Elite shoppy is an elegant template suitable for ecommerce stores dealing in clothes and accessories.

Some types of store that can use this template effectively are women and kids fashion stores, Shoes and accessories stores, jewelry and watches stores and so on. Some features of this template are banner slider, progressive numbers, cart plugins and awesome fonts. The template works on all types of handheld devices. Fashion club is a free HTML5 template in the ecommerce category.

It is responsive and cross browser compatible. This multi-page template is beautifully designed with soothing colors and looks on par with sites like jabong and myntra. Ustora is a website template that is ideal for online phone and digital stores. It displays countdown timer for discounted products and has features such as top new products, top selling products and featured products.

It is a fully responsive HTML5 template for online fashion stores. Some features of this template are parallax background section, sticky menu, sharp images and grid design. The template is also cross browser compatible. Medilab as the name suggests is a template for hospitals and medical facilities. It a free template developed in HTML5 and bootstrap. It has features like appointment forms, testimonials, doctors, services, gallery items and so on.

It is a fully responsive template that is also easy to customize. It has some awesome fonts and great color schemes. It has a well commented code and is ably supported by the team. This stylish website template is ideal for culinary business setups.

Free bootstrap dating template

It can be used by restaurants, coffee shops, cafeteria and other such food related websites. It is a one page template with a clean and eye catchy design. Some of its features are parallax sections, centered logo, sticky header and Google fonts.


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  2. Grocage

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