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DIY Fog Lamp Installation

Installing new fog lights on your vehicle can greatly improve your visibility in poor weather conditions. Most kits come with detailed instructions on how to install them, and are designed for those with little to no wiring experience. Installing fog lights will be different on every car model. Follow these general steps for a guide on getting started. To create this article, 20 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has also been viewed , times. Check your local laws.

The power source for the relay is drawn from the low beam wire of the left headlight, as noted above. The fog lights each have two wires, one for ground and one for the 12V power. One of these wires from each fog light has already been connected to ground.

Finally, attach the switch to the dash and the relay to its location. A test is in order before you use the lock ties and button everything up. Turn on the ignition and hit your switch. Toggle the switch and see that the lights work properly. Use lock ties to secure all wires. You are now ready to move about the country! August 9, 8: Ric, Compliments on a well-written and informative article, but I have to offer one criticism.

Fog is a problem for drivers because it reflects most of the light from standard low beam lamps, and much of that occurs because of the beam pattern, the way headlight lenses aim and disperse the light. Nothing can do that in fog except maybe infrared or radar.

How to wire Fog Lights/ Driving Lights (2006 Ford Ranger) - AnthonyJ350

For that reason, in heavy fog meaning the kind where your low beams are not very helpful , to see an improvement you must turn off the headlights and turn on the fog lights.

August 14, 2: You must not use regular lights in combination with fog lights. True fog lights, correctly used, are a fantastic asset during heavy snow falls. September 13, 3: If I understand correctly, you have the power for the new lights tapped off the low-beam source, and the power for the relay coming from the fuse-block.

Would it be better to reverse them and have the new lights coming from the fuse-block and the switch wiring off the low-beam wire? Functionality remains the same. December 14, 2: I agree — assuming the switch activates the connection between 30 and 87on the relay, I would have thought 30 on the relay should be connected to the fuse-block and the low current supply to the switch from the low-beam wire.

September 21, 7: Many years ago, I was driving late at night on a rural country road in very thick fog. I had maybe foot visibility. As I was coming around the mountain, all I saw was a single light. February 26, 5: I wanted the driving lights connected with the low beams to be legal in Washington State…hence I tied the wiring as written. Thanks for the comments, guys. There are sharp folk out there! Now, I better rewire my system.

Wiring fog lights to factory switch?

July 13, Your article was the only one that i found on the web with clear and simple instructions Cheers Nicholas Sydney Australia. February 6, This article was very helpful, as well as were the critical comments.

Faced with criticism gentlemanly criticism, but criticism none-the-less , he remained humble and in the end learned something himself. February 16, 2: I am a big believer in having a bright red rear foglight on my autos. Common in Europe as both factory equipment on some makes of cars and after market on others. Hella USA used to import a couple different rear fog lights and a really neat switch that could allow just the rear fog light to operate, allow just the front fog lights to operate and a combo of both.

Alas, no longer availiable at least in the USA. Wired to work separately or with front factory fogs.

The red wire will have a connector piece designed to snap in place with another section of red wire that connects to the relay, then the battery. Your kit may come with a wire usually green in color that's designed to be connected to the ignition fuse inside the fuse box - ensuring the fog lights will only operate when the vehicle's ignition is in the 'on' position. If your fuse box is inside the vehicle, run this wire through the firewall hole. If the fuse box is under the hood, connect it there - the fuse panel cover and your owner's manual should direct you the applicable fuse.

Finally, snap the connectors on each section of the red wire together to bring power to the entire setup. You'll see black ground wire extensions that came in the kit.

Hook up fog lights

Connect them to the matching black ground wires running out of the back of the fog lights, then connect them to an unpainted section of the vehicle frame. Connect white power wires together with the matching white power wires from each light. After that, connect them to the Y-shaped white power wire that's had the other end of it run inside the vehicle.

Performing some of the above wiring work may require use of common electric wiring and cable tools. If your vehicle was not equipped with fog lights from the factory, it's a good chance the bumper cover already has openings for them or pre-defined cutout areas marked on the inside. Vehicles that have nothing at all will require measuring and cutting by eye.

In order to remove the front bumper cover for any of these jobs, look for bolts and screws that secure it in place. On some vehicles, you'll see attachment points after opening the hood where the top of the bumper cover meets the cowl panel.

You'll definitely find securing points underneath the vehicle where the bumper cover meets splash shields and close to the edge of wheel well openings where the bumper cover meets the wheel well liner. If there are flat plastic caps or clips, remove them with a small flathead screwdriver by wedging up. Remove the bolts with an applicable socket wrench or flat wrench.

In the event your vehicle manufacturer has used rivets to secure things, they'll need to be drilled out with a traditional drill. Then you'll need a rivet gun to reinstall new ones - not an expensive purchase, but the proper tool to ensure parts stay safely on.

Once all fasteners are removed, the bumper cover can be detached. Many are designed to slide horizontally along special bracket pieces mounted underneath before coming completely loose, so move the bumper cover in this fashion first if you aren't able to obtain specific instructions on your make and model.

If you don't already own a cutting tool, a kit that includes small cutting wheels and all other bits needed to drill, grind, sharpen, and polish to perfection will be invaluable at this point - get one. Once your front bumper cover has been removed from the vehicle, use your fog light as a stencil to draw a line around where you'll be cutting - it's okay to make the hole slightly bigger than the fog light because your add-on kit will come with plastic bezel pieces that mount on the outside of the bumper cover.

The bezels will hide any gaps. If you add another set of lights say Hella s 55w that will double your current to amps for the factory wiring and you will most likely start frying your wiring.

Also, I like to tie in all my grounds to one location or run it directly to the battery. BlueSteel , May 23, Sep 8, Member: Male Mexico City Vehicle: This how to is written explaining the install of the spot when hitting the brights The only difference is the "signal" of the fog lights you can see where i took the signal from the fog relay Hope i explained myself Chepo , May 23, Ya I will run seperate wires, thanks guys!

Will get pics up soon hopefully! Jan 20, Member: I used seperate wiring harnesses for my fogs and Hellas hooked to factory switches. Truck had no fogs or wiring when I got it. Used ebay fog harness for both sets hooked to factory switches. Chepo , Jun 6, Oct 11, Member: Jesse San Gabriel Vehicle: I want to do this to my !!!!!!!! Did you tie in the aux.


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