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Ourtime Review Dating Over 50

This company is not yet accredited. To learn more, see reviews below or submit your own. Keep an eye on your inbox, the lastest consumer news is on it's way! A link has directed you to this review. Its location on this page may change next time you visit.

Although it doesn't offer anything new in terms of features, it offers a chance for its members to use the site even while lying down or reclined on a chair. At first, I felt that looking for someone new would mean cheating on my husband's memory, but 2 years as a widow have been nothing but pure loneliness.

I'm still in good shape, and I still love going out to cafes, theatres and parks. However, I did not want to do it alone anymore. Through OurTime, I met Rick, who was a widower with 2 grown children. After 3 months of talking in chat, he finally wanted to meet and we had a lovely evening - a nice dinner and a walk may seem like an ordinary date to anybody else, but to me it felt as if I was young again.

Because of OurTime, I found my constant companion, dear friend and lifetime partner. The website's layout is neat and organized. All features are easily accessible through the side and top navigational menus. The design is very functional and user-friendly, which is extremely important for a website that has people over the age of 50 for a target group. The main difference between the standard subscription and the value subscription is that the latter has the following additional perks:.

The token system is the online dating website's currency system. Aside from purchasing a paid subscription, users can pay for individual perks by purchasing tokens and spending them on the services such as:. Subscription payments are renewed automatically. If you want to cancel your subscription, you must do so manually through your account settings. OurTime has several features which can increase your enjoyment of their dating service. These features help users find matches easier and increase their overall visibility on the site.

By opting for PromoteMe, you can make your profile more visible to other users on the site. Once you avail of the service, your profile will be placed on the top of search results for other site users. More often than not, the person you sent a message to has probably received messages from other users as well.

To make sure they take notice of your message, you can send them a virtual gift as well to get their attention. Once you get to know someone better, the site's text chat functions may start to feel constricted.

If you want to take the next step but don't want to expose your phone number, you can get a virtual phone number via ConnectMe. This will allow you to talk to other users via voice call without compromising your identity.

The site's profile fields and text boxes are there so you can freely express yourself and stand out from other site members. However, if you're not well-versed in expressing yourself, you can avail of the site's Profile Pro services.

A group of professional writers will get the necesary information for you and finish your profile on your behalf, with the intention of making it look interesting and unique. Because people over the age of 50 are actually a high population demographic, and mainstream dating sites just don't give that much attention to them.

The site gets a lot of views and members because most of them are moving away from these mainstream sites and going to sites like OurTime, that cater specifically to their age range. OurTime is successful because it is a one-stop shop for everything men and women in their 50s need when it comes to online dating. Aside from giving users a chance to look for love and friendship, the site also gives them a chance to meet up personally and learn important dating lessons from webinars.

The site is not exclusive to people in their 50s, and it allows younger people to sign up for an account as long as they are over 18 years of age. However, it is a site for younger people who just prefer older partners; it does not recommend certain shady practices, such as looking for older partners just for the sake of getting monetary and material support from them.

Although the two sites come from the same company, they're not the same. Users open an account with Ourtime. You can message any potential matches you're interested in by signing up for a premium account. Thank you for your question. We will answer it as soon as possible. Here, real singles share their experiences with OurTime. If you also want to share your experiences, do it here:.

Thank you for sharing your experience! After verifying it we will publish your experience here. Ourtime is an absolute scam site. Google reviews of OurTime and you'll see that this is the consensus view - your review is very much the exception They have an "F" rating from the BBB.

Over 8 million site visits per month worldwide Over 7. Users fill out a registration form with their personal information Up to 30 photos can be uploaded Registration takes only around minutes The signup process is simple, even for non tech-savvy individuals. The site has a free search option The search option can be filtered to show who's online You can filter the search results to show only new members Profile images are visible to all members regardless of membership status Users can get notifications whenever they get messages from other members There is a chatroom If you cannot send messages to other members because you are a free user, you can still show your interest by pressing the "Flirt" button, which is similar to a Like, or a Poke.

All those reviews are absolutely right. My experience is a really unique one That I didn't see on any other reviews. They deactivated my account after I canceled the automatic renew feature. It seems my account was in total hiatus. What kind crap is this? I enrolled and paid for six month; They deactivated my account only after two month? I contacted the customer service and they emailed me that they found nothing wrong. I can close the pop-up ad by click on the x at top of the right corner.

This pop-up ads in itself is a scam. It should not be allowed even on the screen at all. This is the second time I enrolled on this site. I was on this site years ago after split from my wife. I was not serious back then, just looking around. Now I'm serious, trying to find a compatible woman. The women on OurTime. This is a big scam. Two different women dated me just several days ago. I recognized them immediately. They told me the same kind stories they told me 20 years ago.

They didn't know this is my second time on OurTime. They think I'm just another one time regular patron. This site put not only all those fake profiles, fake photos but also offer fake dating service if they see a chance to suck you in for another six month enrollment. Don't give them any of your hard earn money.

There are plenty of other better dating site. I was on OurTime for 6 months. I had one date in 6 months. When they say there are people in your area, are people who used the system years ago and 25 are current members.

I sent out messages to nice people.

Ourtime dating phone number

I got a reply from about 7 of them. I had one date. I have a master's degree and have been working for the same employer for 34 years. My profile is quite strong and got nothing on OurTime.

I had lots of dates on Match. What is really unusual on OurTime is the number of people who don't even open the email you sent them. It almost seems like this website is a complete scam. Do not give them a penny. It's a penny wasted. I joined paid for our time November I sent messages to several men I found interesting. When they responded I found their profile information had been changed. Some of them while I was online. Pictures deleted and changed from male to female.

OurTime Review February 2019

This site must be set up by scammers to steal from mature people. I have already set it up not to renew and forwarded messages to the customer service. I do not believe that I will get a response. Stay away from this site. I have had messages from a few men but the interest is very short lived and it takes several days for all responses to come. I do not believe that I am corresponding with real people but people hired to respond to the messages. I joined this one dating website.

Within a couple days I started getting emails from people that I never gave my email address to. I notified OurTime if this privacy breach and wanted to have my profile permanently deleted from their website.

I received a response saying they would refund my money within 12 hrs. Everything is a tease. The whole operation is engineered to collect your money and they refuse refunds. I was not even allowed to speak to a manager.

Customer service reps are foreign and clueless. There will be more victims until someone shuts this operation down. It has NO corporate location or contact in US. It may be a Russian troll farm. By the way, I was supposedly getting messages from far away states when the whole match is advertised as local. You have to indicate "No thanks" to move on. Which is intentionally microscopically small.

Initiating a chargeback shut down my account. I was told no due to the chargeback process. They told me I would have to wait 90 days for their systems process of a chargeback even tho they responded to my credit card immediately. Wish I had read the reviews before I signed up! What can you say with characters? No warning of this change, but once you go in to modify your profile you have to delete down to the characters!

I am a long term member of this site although I actually view the site very infrequently as each time I do, there is very little activity. I realized that activity increases dramatically as the account is due to expire and this company wants you to renew your subscription.

Suddenly I had over views of my information, multiple flirts and a couple of dozen messages. I called customer service to express my dismay.

Well, that was quite the experience in itself. Got a woman on the phone who I could barely understand. She was in the Philippines. There is nobody in America I could speak with. This company is a scam. I spoke with 4 women in 8 years. Turns out, none lived in my area. Save your money folks! OurTime update limits description fields to characters.

What a joke removing our long profiles. Had I known I would not have updated my description. I imagine it is greed. If we pay more no doubt we will be able to once again write longer profiles.

What horses behind thought this up? Fire them, this is not the service I paid for. Called them , long wait times. More than 20 min on hold, to drill down to a human being, and finally customer service said there is nothing they can do to help, the new upgrade is the way it is going to be, really??

I can leave and I will call my credit card company and tell them I am not getting what I paid for and dispute the last renewal. How is it an equal playing field if others who have long profiles never update their information, so their profiles remain as is.

I went and looked at various profiles. All new members are now on the character per description field system and so members of the opposite sex, well male and or female some have long descriptions some do not. My experience was a total negative. I was enticed to join by reviewing the prospects they showed that were close to the area I reside in. This was false advertising. The messages I received came from out of the U. They also were out of the age range and gender I requested.

Anyone I communicated with did not want to communicate on the site. They just wanted my e-mail. While on the site they keep trying to get you to upgrade, and buy their products. I am trying to get a refund, but not too hopeful after reading reviews. Every time I open the website an advertisement overtakes the site and will not let me out of it. Even if I shut off WiFi and data it still takes over. I am not able to contact the company because of the advertisement.

Paid for 3 month membership. Logged out after doing my profile. Cannot get back in. They tell me wrong password and email. I know what my password and email is. Sent several messages to them, they totally ignore them. They have taken few out of my bank.

There are three areas of filling out your profile where you can tell your story, what you're looking for, and what else you would like to add. What can you possibly say and truly express yourself when you are so limited. I called the company and they said it was an update. I explained I signed up because I saw very lengthy profiles and thought I could do the same. Then I was told there was an update and now the limitation.

I said I wanted a partial refund since they weren't providing the service I paid for. The answer was no! I joined OurTime and quickly realized that many of the profiles pictured are not active accounts. Read a lot of profiles and you'll see that many have the exact same wording, as if they were auto-filled.

I started writing to everyone pictured to see who was real and who was a ghost profile and 12 hours later I was locked out of the site. I am contacting the Attorney General to file fraud charges.

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Just to update my experience with OurTime. I felt security as the main issue. They promptly responded with the offer. Customer care was very understanding. They asked for suggestions of improvement of which I did. They would send those to the Products and Development Team.

The main issue is the site allows pictures and profiles to be copied. Hackers and make copies and use those on that site or other sites. I experienced the site was full of stolen identity. Therefore one never knew it was an actual contact or a con. I deleted my profile only after 5 days. This site can not be trusted. Profile pictures are copied and used pasted on a fake account along with the original profile.

You never really know who you are texting or e-mailing. Never followed an interest to the end as the inquiry became very suspicious after the 2nd correspondence. Don't really know what the scammers are after, but reading the other reviews it boils down to money.

Stay away from OurTime. Wasted my time entering personal data and then could not contact any women. They never tell you that to get any contacts at all you have to pay. This is just a scam site to get your money. Makes OKC seem like a wonderful place! OurTime is the largest dating site created specifically for the baby boomer market. In contrast to many other dating sites which offer a plethora of unnecessary options, OurTime keeps their interface and searches simple so that they can be used efficiently and with little to no hassle.

For a small fee, OurTime allows you to bump your profile up so it appears near the top of the search rankings.


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