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Speed dating tips for success seems impossible. Idea

HurryDate's Tips and Advice on How to Succeed at Speed Dating

Speed dating attracts gorgeous women who are frustrated by not meeting great guys in their day-to-day lives! Perth is described as the hardest place to meet singles. From my coaching experience I know guys feel more comfortable doing online dating; as they feel there is less chance of rejection which is their number one fear. However, it is difficult to meet quality women online. Because women get overwhelmed by male contact! Guys I want you to be successful speed dating to help all of my gorgeous female clients.

Being worried you might say the wrong thing leads to saying the wrong thing!

5 Tips for Successful Speed Dating

If you are uncomfortable, you will make the women feel uncomfortable. Women love someone who is mischievous, teasing and who makes them laugh.

Know what to talk about. Stand out from the guys who have boring conversations.

Work on some great questions and have something to say when asked what you like to do in your spare time. Think funny news stories and weave these into the conversation.

Light, fun conversation works best as you only have 5 minutes. Create intrigue and engage her emotions. Stay away from logical and factual information. This will make her want to know more about you. Women want to feel like you are interested in them. And yet, most column inches dedicated to advice on how to get the most out of the experience rely on little surface tricks and techniques to make you appear more attractive or desirable. While not in themselves wrong, I believe a slightly deeper approach is needed.

So here are my five top tips for having an awesome experience speed dating. Use the icebreaker Many of our events are themed.

The icebreaker is there for a reason. Bring a book to the literary event ; Play a track to your dates at Stereo Speed Dating ; Have a travel story or an idea of your dream destination for travel bug speed dating.

In other words, avoid awkward silences and stand out from the crowd. Negativity is negative Keep things positive. Listen to their answers and let the conversation flow smoothly from what they have to say instead of proceeding with a pre-determined script. You can also learn a lot by observing the way they speak, their body language, and whether they maintain eye contact.

Remember, you only have three minutes to form an initial connection. However, your instincts know in the blink of an eye whether this person is compatible with you, so trust your gut.

Speed dating tips for success

If you get any bad vibes, just brush it off and look forward to the next date there are 24 other singles waiting for you. If you get a good feeling, embrace it.

Successful Speed Dating

Hopefully you find a mutual match and can explore the connection together. Again, this point probably seems like a no-brainer.


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