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Cancer and Libra Relationships with

Please note this is a visitor forum page. If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Libra and Cancer compatibility article on this relationship first. I also have a Libra man guide and Cancer woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship. If you would like to post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page. I am a Cancer woman with the hots for a Libra man. I don't know if we could make a long term relationship work, but man I feel more chemistry with him than anyone else. I would really love to see what that would look like on a more intimate level.

The amount of couple-time the Cancer and Libra love match dedicate to one another is critical. Greater amounts of private time ensure a more intense emotional connection. Cancer is a slow-moving personality, preferring to play things by ear and going with the flow. Libra is an on-the-go energetic personality.

They prefer to keep the pace of the relationship lively. They must meet in the middle when it comes to the pace their sexual connection takes. Cancer and Libra are at opposite ends of the spectrum regarding bedroom preferences. Libra prefers an excellent physical connection before plunging into emotions.

Cancer prefers an emotional connection before becoming uninhibited in a physical sense. The love between Cancer and Libra is sweet. While having commonalities empowers this couple, differences threaten to separate them. For one thing, Cancer is a total introvert. They love being at home and raising a family. Like the crab, they prefer the comfort of their shell. If they could, Cancer would carry their home around with them wherever they go.

Libra, on the other hand, is a social bug. The Libra personality is the epitome of an extrovert. They love socializing with their huge circle of friends and acquaintances. Cancer is quiet and moody. Libra is outspoken and chipper. In this regard, the parties in the Cancer and Libra relationship are like night and day. Differences, when not embraced by both, end up being a real sore spot in the Cancer and Libra relationship. When Libra wants to talk things out, Cancer is apt to hide true feelings.

When Cancer is sulking or in a bad mood, Libra will want to turn that frown upside down. Cancer has an over-romanticized idea of love. Cancer can turn a simple social situation in a dramatic event.

Libra, one who cannot stand when chaos rears its head anywhere, feels like running for the hills. Too much friction between them can later lead to harboring resentments. Quarrels and tension are a total and absolute turn off for Cancer and Libra. Even if the controversy is light, the parties in the Cancer and Libra relationship run. Libra has no tolerance for anything that makes waves.

Fearing emotional injury, the slightest hint of discord Cancer in high-stress mode! Because they avoid arguing, there is the huge possibility for silent resentments. The lingering emotions, finding no resolution, take on a life all their own.

It might take months or years before the issue reaches a point of no return. But whatever negative emotions this couple holds onto has power over them. Resentments lay in silence waiting to threaten the future of the love affair. Talking and resolving to be honest about feelings early on ensures a stronger match.

Of course, this duo will have to mean what they say when they promise to talk about emotions. When dealing with astrology, all signs align with a polarity. With Cancer and Libra, the polarities are Yin and Yang, respectively. Yin is a feminine force. Yang is the opposite. When all is in balance, Yin and Yang are complementary forces.

Yin is sensitive, passive, and open. Yang is direct, forward moving and assertive. This natural balance contributes to Cancer and Libra compatibility. Cancer is the passive and receptive individual in this pairing. They complement the Yang energies of the social, extroverted, and ambitious Libra personality. If out of balance, however, the Yin and Yang energies polarize. Polarization causes imbalances in the Cancer and Libra personalities.

If Cancer polarizes, they become insensitive, closed off, and passive-aggressive. If Libra experiences the effects of polarization, sweet, harmonious Libra becomes domineering. They can also become bullish and condescending. To re-balance energies following polarization, Cancer must embrace Yang energies.

Doing so will make them sensitive, open, and more receptive. Likewise, Libra can follow suit by embracing more Yin energies. It will help them restore their natural ambitious, direct, and driven attributes.

In astrology, the distance between two signs on the celestial wheel is the aspect. The aspect is degree-measurement astrologers use to determine sign compatibility. In the Cancer and Libra love match, the parties are three zodiac signs apart. The aspect the distance forms is a square. When a square aspect is present, it creates a sharp or harsh degree angle. Imagine the two lines creating this angle. One line is horizontal and the other vertical.

This means there is an ongoing tug of war or push and pull form of tension in this relationship. The square aspect suggests Cancer and Libra are going in two different directions. They are either moving away from one another or toward one another. When moving away, there may be an emotional distancing between the two. The Cancer and Libra connection has tensions stemming from deep emotional scars.

When this pair joins in a loving relationship, these scars reveal themselves. This love match takes a lot of dedication and works to make it last!

All zodiac signs correspond with one of four elements. Cancer aligns with Water. Libra corresponds with Air.

Cancer dating libra man

At first, one might wonder how water and air influences work together. Cancer is all emotion. Libra is all intellect. It is the literal collision of heart and mind. At the same time, when focusing on strong attributes, this couple can make a real go of things. The sign of Cancer makes an individual intuitive, sensitive and responsive. The sign of Libra makes a person assertive, confident, and ambitious. When Cancer gets lost in an emotional storm, Libra serves as a beacon of light.

When Libra puts too much focus on ambitions, Cancer is a guide putting back in touch with matters of the heart. Both parties need to be open with emotional expression as to avoid miscommunication.

An odd couple is a good description for a Cancer and Libra match. The Cancer Man and Libra Woman make for a social and passionate pair. This love affair holds promise providing they remain tuned into one another.

The Cancer Man is one who has few words for emotional expression. The Libra Woman is a giving soul, making her a match made in heaven for the Cancer Man. The Cancer Man loves her poise and natural grace. A Libra Woman insists on looking her best at every social engagement.

The parties in the Cancer and Libra relationship understand each other in ways others do not. They know the emotional intensity each partner feels and the need for a faithful partner. This duo remains true to one another and commits to the family they build. What makes the Cancer Man find the Libra Woman even more appealing is how she knows him so well.

But, the Libra Woman gives him just the right amount of space he needs to recover emotional balance. The Libra Woman feels confident in her choice of a partner when pairing with Cancer.

Cancer and Libra compatibility intensifies when Libra realizes the Cancer Man is a homebody. She has no problem getting him to stay home for a night of cuddling on the couch. The Cancer Man cooks amazing meals as he finds it a natural way to nurture those he loves. He even takes care of the kids while the Libra Woman needs time away.

Libra Man Cancer Woman Compatibility

Sealing the bond between Cancer and Libra is their psychic-like connection. Cancer hides emotions, but Libra can pick up on them by tuning into her intuitive nature. All is well when the vibes are harmonious. But, if Cancer lets his darker nature loose, he might reveal rigid tendencies.

Sometimes the Cancer man confuses the Libra Woman. When he shifts from one mood to another without notice, it makes Libra feel like a tightrope walker. The question whether the Cancer and Libra compatibility factor is high or not can be put to rest.

Although some initiative might be lacking, there is a chance for Cancer and Libra to function very well in their sex life if they spend enough time together. The problem with their sexual connection is in their element, more than anything else.

Cancer belongs to the element of Water and Libra is an Air sign. Although Libra partner might be extremely patient and nice, there is still a speed to the element of Air that Cancer might have trouble adjusting to. Things they would like to try out will differ greatly, for Cancer needs emotional connection and Libra needs contact, touch and experience before they get too emotional. Their sex life can be very good if they already share deep emotions, so it would be best if they started a relationship out of friendship, already knowing each other to some point and sharing some feelings besides possible attraction.

At some point their Cancer partner has to ask themselves if this is the kind of partner they want to have children with. On the other hand, Libra finds the whole approach to a romantic relationship Cancer has a bit unrealistic.

This can easily lead to a lack of trust in Libra , especially if the Sun is in final degrees of the sign. As signs ruled by Venus and the Moon, it is safe to presume that their relationship is in a way very important.

Although Libra is in charge for the upper, spiritual nature of Venus, it is still a sign of relationships and the Moon will only emphasize the need for closeness and harmony. Their main problem could surface if they start making unrealistic plans together.

The expectations of Cancer with Capricorn as their opposing sign would be extremely practical and strict. Libra does exalt Saturn, but it is not an Earth sign, and usually they remain in the field of ideas instead of a practical approach to materialization. Cancer needs to realize that Libra has its place among the Air signs, in the field of ideas - not necessarily their realization.

It is important to remember that Libra has a troubled Sun and usually looks for a partner with more fire and passionate energy than Cancer normally has. The sign of Cancer unconsciously calculates and distributes energy to their inner priority list, and they will rarely have an excess big enough to shower Libra in it.

Both Moon and Venus represent emotions, and they are both highly emotional signs. However, their emotional context is very different, for Cancer is looking for a love on Earth and Libra is looking for someone to take to heaven.

Cancer Woman Libra Man An Interesting But Difficult Match

As two cardinal signs, they could have a long unsatisfying relationship because they are both waiting for a groundbreaking moment to set them free. In some cases they should be advised to make a change if they are not satisfied, and search for someone who could make them happier.

As both of them are signs of relationships family relationships or relationships with partners they will both value a pleasant and joyful connection between two people.

If they find it with each other, they will certainly have trouble letting it go, both of them understanding that it is not that easy to find. However, their entire system of values differs greatly beyond the point of relationships, and while Cancer will value tenderness and care, Libra will value responsibility and platonic love.

That doesn't sound promising, does it? Cancer and Libra could do many things together, but it is questionable if they will want to.


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