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Dating Someone That Has the Same First Name As You

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Well his sister has a common French name, and he has dated women with that name, but she had a nickname that he always called her anyway. His sister married a guy with the same name as his next oldest brother, and named her son half of my boyfriends name.

Dating guy with same name as brother

To make matters worse, his father has a name that is also a woman's name I have cousins who married girls with the same first name, and to confuse the issue the sister didn't marry until quite late in life Actually, the funny thing was there was a guy I might have gone out with with the same name as my brother, but everytime we met, I could never remember his name.

He'd tell me it, and I'd say Its the same name as my brother's. By the third time I met him and blanked on his name he reminded me of that fact Although he was cute and I liked him, I think somehow got the idea I wasn't interested One of my favorite ex's we still see each other now and then shares my sister's name.

We were never serious enough to consider marrying - we were more like good friends that liked to mess around. But we always had fun picturing her being another Laura Bus Guy. One of my first serious GFs had the same first name as my sister.

I never even gave it a thought. Thinks about it now. Nope, doesn't bother me at all. I dated a Shannon and am still friends with her. My daughter is another matter, I would have difficulty getting it on with a Claire, ewww.

My sister has a really unusual first name, and no woman, no matter how beautiful or charming she was, would be able to remove the association. Saying her name during sex, for one thing, would be way too weird. I have never met a woman with my brother's name. It would be a dealbreaker. I don't think I could date a woman named Nicholas. I could fall in love with someone with any name. I'm big on nicknames and everyone I know has got a new name that only i call them. I had the opportunity to date women that had the same name as my mother.

The thought really creeped me out, in an Oedipal kind of way, so I passed. Well, while the thought of calling out either of my brothers' names during sex squicks me out I am lucky in that neither of them have very common names. That being said, my ex the father of my eldest child has the same middle and last name as my mother. Coincidentally but having nothing to do with my mother -- the only way I would honour her would be She has 2 middle names, though, so the middle name she shares with her father is one off from the last name.

I hope that makes sense. I guess it doesn't bother me so much, since I haven't had anything to do with my mother since before that ex and I were a couple. Never came into play about how I felt about him. Note -- while they share the same last name and the same spelling there is no chance in hell that they could be related.

It wouldn't bother me. My brother has a common name; in fact, he shares a name with my SO's brother. I actually don't often call my SO by his given name, and certainly not during sex, so I don't think his having the same name as a member of my family would be weird. I do, however, think I would be too weirded out to date someone who shares my name. I have a unisex name that is more commonly used for males I'm female. Would we be known as "the [Myname]s? I couldn't do it.

Then again, if I met someone who was otherwise a good match for me, and we happened to have the same name, I might feel differently. I tend to be open-minded about this sort of thing. I'm an only child. The closest thing I had to a sibling was my dog Goldie, and Goldie Hawn hasn't returned my calls.

That's not an exclusively male name, you know. However, that's also my first name, which would be a little weird for me. My sister's name, however Wouldn't bother me in the least. What would bother me is someone with either of my daughter's names. Since I plan to be with their mother until I die then it won't be a problem. I dated a Mike; my brother is a Michael.

It didn't seem weird to me. However, I once found myself about to sleep with a guy who looked a little bit like my other brother. My cousin married a girl with the same first name as his sister.

As his sister hasn't married and his wife took his surname, they now have the exact same name except one is a Mrs. It can be a little confusing, but when we're talking about them we generally refer to them as "our Sharon" and "Pete's Sharon", or "Sharon Surname" and "Sharon Maidenname". My Grandfather's sister-in-law was known til the end of her days as Joyce Maidenname by the family in order to distinguish her from their sister Joyce.

That one amused me as she was Joyce Marriedname for a good 50 or 60 years, compared to her sister-in-law who married out of the family name in her 20's. My friend's sister Lesley married a man whose father's name was Lesley. That one always seemed like it must be a little weird for all involved, and it must have felt a little strange to share first and surname with her father-in-law. Sure - I dated a man with the same name as my younger brother for several years. My sister's third and fourth husbands had the same name as our other brother.

It didn't seem strange because my brothers' names were something like number one and two on the list of most common boys names in the decade we were all born, so it seemed like half the guys we grew up with had those names. I don't have a brother, but I used to love a man who shared a first name with my Dad. That was mildly funny, but not a big deal. I once had a girlfriend with the same name as my sister. It honestly never occurred to me as an issue until just now.

Yeah, that's a non-issue for me. Heck, 3 of my middle school crushes shared my brother's name. Sure, I've inadvertently dated 3 guys with my Dads name which also happens to be the most popular name for guys in my country for the past like years. It would be fine if he was ok with me calling him by a different nickname. Once I dated a guy with the same name as my childhood budgie. Even that was slightly confusing when talking about him with my parents. Hmm, it'd be weird for me not gonna lie.

There was a guy I dated who had the same name as my dad, can't say it didn't cross my mind from time to time. I really like this gal. She almost introduced me to her brother at school. But she got up and left before we could meet: My ex had the same first and middle name as my brother. It was fucking weird and short lived. That would be too creepy for me. I feel that way about possibly dating anyone with names of my male relatives.

To me, at least. One of my two brothers has a very common name, and while I've never dated anyone with the same name, I can't imagine it having any sway. Might be a bit weird, but not at all a dealbreaker. He has a very common name. I don't like it, but I wouldn't be surprised and it wouldn't be a dealbreaker. My brother's not in my life much so I'd eventually start associating the name with the new guy instead. My brother and myself have common names with common gender-ambiguous nicknames, so I could easily end up dating someone of either sex with either of our names.

If I were single I think it would be way too much work to exclude all those people from my dating pool. I think it'd bother me, especially if it was the same name as my brother who's deceased. My other two brothers have less common names one extremely uncommon so it seems pretty unlikely I'll run into it.

I don't see why not. My boyfriend's name is George, the same name as my brother's and there's never been any issue. I have and would again, but my brothers have common names; it's not like my brother is Kanye and I've never heard anyone else with his name until now, and this other Kanye wants to date - it's like two Jims, or two Daves. I don't have a brother, but I think I'd find it weird to date someone with the same name as my sister, or my father for that matter.

Not sure if it would be a dealbreaker or not, but it would certainly feel weird. I don't have a brother, but I refuse to date someone who shares the same name as my father.


That is one 'no can do' situations that I am NOT going to break. Since I have five brothers, and they have fairly commonplace names, yeah. I've dated guys that have their names.

With commonplace names, can you really avoid it? Say the dude is named Joe or Mike or something Hell, I'd even date someone with the same name as me. Spoiler Please date me. Jun 16, 14, 0 0. Have dated one before. Don't see the issue? Not like they're the same person. Nov 8, 15, 0 0. I bet for some people it's kind of a perk. EloquentM aka Mannny Apr 8, Jul 1, 28, 0 0.

May 4, 6, 0 0. Last thing I want is to scream out a name during sex and have my sister's face pop up in my head. Phobophile A scientist and gentleman in the manner of Batman. Apr 24, 12, 0 0 I'd have serious reservations if I dated someone with my mom's name. Like I don't think I could.


Devolution Member Apr 8, Mar 18, 53, 0 0 California. That's why god invented the concept of nicknames. Feb 24, 45, 2 0 Portland, OR. Sure, they are different people. Apr 16, 24, 0 0 hell, a. I dated a guy with the same name as my brother. The Albatross Member Apr 8, Apr 15, 25, 2 0. I've dated someone with the same name as my mom and sister who have the same name. Karsticles Member Apr 8, Oct 25, 44, 0 0 Florida www. Jan 10, 11, 0 0 Shoreline, WA. My ex wife had the same name as my Mom.

But I never called my Mom by her first name, she was "mother" to me. Was strange on occasion seeing her name in the mail or something though. Psychoward Banned Apr 8, Aug 17, 22, 0 0. Yeah, just dated someone with the same name as my sister actually. It was a bit odd the first 2 weeks or so but then I got over it.

She ended up being psychotic though, so. Broder Salsa Banned Apr 8, May 8, 55, 0 0 Antiterra. That's an extremely silly thing to avoid a relationship for lol.

Mistel Member Apr 8, Oct 6, 11, 0 0. What's wrong with sharing names? Imagine two people with the same name in a relationship that would be cool. May 6, 13, 0 0. Randolph Freelander Member Apr 8, Nov 20, 26, 0 0 Charlotte, NC. My mother and my dad's sister have the same name. Yes, I'm in the south, but no, they're not the same person.

May 25, 12, 0 0.


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