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Shall dating a girl who was abused by her father

Brave Woman Describes Her Father's Horrendous Sexual Abuse - The Jeremy Kyle Show

Let me start off by saying that I am the lucky one in this situation. I started dating my girlfriend in January of I met her during the first semester of my freshman year and we were absolute best friends. We vented to one another, joked, went out on the weekends together, and talked about our dreams and aspirations. I never knew much about her past dating life.

The thing I found so very strange is how these seemingly independent women can be so dependent. They always need to be in contact with you and demand immediate response to calls or texts. The relationship has a very wide dynamic emotional range, far more than normal, but if you maintain her trust and respect, it will be great.

Most of my experience has been with older women, 30s, who have not recognized or dealt with their issues. When my parents finally separated, he had no desire to stay in touch with any of us. Overall, Quora User is spot on. Those who are younger, not self-reflective, or have other issues will fall into the dependent archetype.

I am about to graduate from a top engineering college, have interned as a software engineer in many big companies, and recently accepted an offer for full time. I am considered quite good-looking and have no shortage of decent guys pursuing me.

Why A Teen Says She Doesn’t Want Her Mother Dating Younger Sister’s Dad

I also have great friends and a lively social life…. I have only fallen in love with close male friends who are emotionally unavailable but GREAT guys otherwise — just hung up on an ex or focused on career or whatever. Because of their romantic unavailability, I felt our connection was genuine, no pressure, and without conditions.

I will answer from personal experience and common things I see in my sisters. To deal with us, you will have to be persistent and confident. Handle our tests and detach your ego; make it about her. If you do break through to her, you will get….

We are independent, but also very passionate lovers. You will get a true ride-or-die, fiercely loyal woman. We are also a lot of fun. We have learned to live without the most important male figure in our life and even though we crave to fill that void, we have learned to live with it or fill it with positive things like great friends and an ambitious career. I read most of the answers. There are really nice advice from different approaches.

ITs not that easy, but its not bad either, they give you your space, they can let you be the way you want, without making their life goal to change you,. A girl I dated had issues.

Dating a girl who was abused by her father

She was sexually abused by her father until the age of 6. When she was 6, her father was killed in a traffic accident. We dated for months before the issue of sex came up. She told me she was ready to do it she was 25 at this point and still a virgin and we planned a romantic trip together. On this trip, things seemed to be going well until we got into the hotel room. She gave me every indication she was ready to go, then just stopped. She never gave a reason why, she just didn't want to go through with it.

About a month later, she told me she was ready to do it. We got another hotel room and, once again, things were going great only for her to back out of it at the last minute again.

We eventually did have sex. It was completely spur of the moment on her part. One night, she called me up and asked to come over. She did and it finally happened. Every time was spur of the moment on her part. I never successfully initiated with her. Things eventually went south.

This Is What It’s Like To Date A Girl Who’s A Survivor Of Sexual Assault

She got really angry and blew up at me for relatively minor things. She wouldn't tell me what the real issue was. She tells me she loves me and wants to be in the relationship, but wouldn't open up emotionally. I remember one time she was in a bad mood but wouldn't say anything about it. When pressed, she showed a newspaper article about someone who had died.

She wouldn't tell me how she knew them or why their death had her so upset.

I'm figuring that deep down, she wanted out of the relationship but was incapable of being honest even with herself evidence of that is the sex issue mentioned earlier. She just couldn't come out and say she wanted to end it, so she tried to alienate me.

I was young and in love so I tried to keep the relationship going. She came up with excuses not to be with me. She accused me of cheating when I get held over at work. I offered to call my supervisor and have him confirm that I did indeed work overtime.

That shut her up that time, but when it happened again I got angry at the accusation. Then she claimed she was afraid I would become violent with her and said it was over because of that. I'm not saying girls with that kind of past can't be good girlfriends, but my experience was frustrating. We also often have grossly out of whack expectations with regards to partners.

They really needed a lot of therapy. One of my exes projected her anger over her father, who was way too involved with her life, onto me. Shit flows downhill and I was definitely downhill from him. Of course, I played my role in this. One of the ironies of life is that crazy attracts and begets crazy. I think all people, male and female, are susceptible to having toxic relationships with either their mother or their father so I think your premise is a bit offputting. Someone with daddy issues is likely conflicted about their value to the males in their life because they were not given the emotional presence of a father figure.

Thus, they either avoid Male companionship or they become desperate to obtain it. First of all, they just have a problem with men. They want their validation. At least in my experience, my girlfriend way quite emotionally unstable.

What is it like dating a girl with "daddy issues" a girl whose father left her at a young age and now she has trust and abandonment issues? Have you done the 10k year challenge?

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It may seem counter-intuitive. But a negative experience will appeal to her innate desire for drama. You want to know how to be dominant with women? Simple… increase her emotional investment in you. Check out the other signs here — there are 27 of them in total. But, in the end, they are all going to leave you. None of them will put up with you for long. And once it has, all your other manipulation and hypnosis strategies are likewise guaranteed to fly.

In short, Fractionation is a way of putting a girl into a waking trance. You do it by swinging her rapidly from positive to negative emotions. You anchor the positive emotions to yourself.

And you convince her to project the negative emotions elsewhere. To put it another way, you become the one stable, bright anchor in a bleak and dreary world…. All you need to do is sign up for my Fractionation Masterclass. On the page that comes up, fill in your details. Put in your best email address so that we can reach you.

Leave me a message below, and I will reply personally. I'll show you how to dominate your woman using Mind Control in my special Online Masterclass today. To get your Private Invite, enter your details below now. Derek Rake is the founder of Shogun Method, the world's one and only dating system based on authentic Mind Control technology. I once started off with a new course mate through text messaging. I was sexually attracted to her and not the love fairy tale kinda guy.

I was my self, the normal me very playful and speaks freely no emotions attached just fun. So on the first and second night i got her to chat with me intimately about sex from 4pm to 2am all night. On the third day onwards she acted upset with me online and at school and we started having fights from there onwards till i called her immature and she blocked me.

Later i called and apologised and we got back to texting and she told me she got upset because she has never had such a conversation with anyone before she looks reserved and particularly in such a short period of time; first day, and she got scared and also thought i only saw her as a sex object.

So i tried lying to her that i was genuinely inlove with her my mistake and i kept saying it till she believed it and unluckily for me i believed it too and things about her started affecting me emotionally unbelieveable, since when! So i once met her on a date, i was caring and i touched her sexually a lot tighs, butt, etc.

The following day she messaged me saying she realised i loved her very much and because she is afraid she might not be able to love me up to my expectations, we should end it never heard of such a lame excuse, before we got here she had suggested it severally and i was always begging till she accepted me back on her likely to date list, but this time i was tired of begging.

About an hour later she came back to retract it and i made her beg all day before pardoning her in the evening and on that very night after a long push and pull through 3months of texting she accepted to be my Gf. Ok again i accepted it and said a lot of nasty things to her. Ummm i ignored her and took time to get over her.

And i still say shit to her. I just want to stop now. Play cool again, with no love , turn her into my fucking object as i wanted from the day one. That could be a good revenge. I think i maybe about to achieve it from the couple of articles i have read so far if i can get her to first forget all the cruel things i have said lol.

It would do a lot of men who are actually trying to have a relationship with a woman to actually get to know them and try not to associate every interaction with a woman as a power struggle. It does not teach you to become obsessed with hurting and exploiting vulnerable women.

You can use Shogun Method and still be good and kind to people, be open and honest. Respect girls and women.


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