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The Secret to Dating Indian Girls

Dating Indian women remain one of the great unsolved mysteries of the world! Dating is a relatively new concept in India but it has caught on like wildfire. Recently, Tinder announced its India operations. India is already the second-largest market for Facebook. It is among the top three markets for most global social networks or, is at least, getting there.

Assumption that indian women are unattractive. Indian girls are prudes. Straight up, he just based this on two different women he met on different occasions. Indian women are self loathing. Indian women are feminists. Indian women are mentally ill. Coming from a country where people have sex with horses and such? Also, he mentions that dating an Indian girl is characterized by fights, drama, and frustration.

A Crazy Tinder Date with Two Indian Men.

Whether you look back in time to the era of black and white films, or to the modern 21st century, Indian women are considered some of the most beautiful women out there. From Sharmila Tagore to Rupi Kaur, Indian women have not only shown that they are beautiful, but also add a heavy dose of intellectual brilliance to the mix. For example, after retiring from acting, Sharmila Tagore turned her sights to helping others, and serving the Hindi cinema fraternity.

Moving on to Rupi Kaur, an Indo-Canadian poet. She takes the eloquence of feelings, and translates them into the simplicity of words which as any writer myself included knows is no easy feat. Physically, she is so simple yet so beautiful at the same time. I feel like so many people mistake beauty for fully done makeup or revealing clothes, and I think Rupi is the perfect example of the definition of true beauty.

Rupi Kaur have easily broken many taboos related to these topics, exhibiting and speaking very openly about them. Lilly Singh also turned many heads in her various discussions about both subjects of sex and nudity.

Besides that, Indian girls love and promote their culture to great levels. Speaking about myself, I took South Indian classical dance Bharatnatyam for 11 years, while harboring an intense passion for Indian folk forms Garba and Bhangra , one of which I pursued in college. In addition to that, I pray daily with traditional Indian prayers.

I even write Hindi poetry. None of this makes me above any other Indian girl that may not engage in these activities, but my point is that me along with many girls like myself, are deeply rooted and passionate about our culture.

People need to understand that.

A lot will depend on your age, location, money and other resources at disposal. Considering you are young, located somewhere in India and have resources, let us look at the 11 exciting communication tips to date Indian women.

Unlike common belief, communications are not limited to what you speak. It also covers what you do, behaviour, body language, and unspoken hints. These exciting communication tips to date Indian women cover all these points. Understandably, the first step is to register as a member with some great online dating website in India.

There are plenty of excellent online dating sites available nowadays. Some people sign up on more than one to meet an ideal partner. Unless you are shy about speaking to women, this is the best way to communicate with your prospect. Get friendly to her friends on some pretext. Find out what her friends like and strike conversations over that. Something light, universal and of interest to everyone will be fine.

If the woman you want to date joins the conversation, you are all set. Listen to her views carefully, appreciate them and compliment her openly. Remember, your partner should never be wrong. And if she is- does not matter. There is enough time later to correct her. Now, that you have already broken the ice wall or glass wall, move ahead and keep her interested. Try and find what her other likes are and dislikes and make them yours too. If she hates something- hate it too and whatever she loves- adore it with your fullest heart.

This task may mean you have to bid adios to something you love. You can always do whatever she dislikes during her absence. Take care that you are not found contradicting what you said. Eating your own words is bitter. The third step towards dating your woman.

Inviting on a date directly may not always be possible since she may be unsure of the relationship or feel unsafe. Also, you have just brought down the ice wall and do not want to see it emerge again. So, invite her friends and her to a snack, lunch, dinner, movie, pub or whatever suits your pocket.

Indian women

The invitation game can get a bit tricky: Say that you have booked a table or seats or tickets and have included her too. Impress that she is the starlet of the event. Get her circle of friends to goad into attending wherever you are planning to take them.

Make sure your pockets can withstand the aftershocks of the splurge. Wherever you are taking the group and her, go out of your way to ensure her comfort. See to it that she has no problems commuting to the place.

Here lies the game changer: That is one step closer towards your objective of dating her. At the venue- that can be a restaurant, theme park or cinema hall- make sure she gets to choose the seat. Subtly give her the leadership position. Women like to be bosses. Give her the license to be the boss during this group outing. That will prepare you to be bossed overall life if needed.

That air of superiority in a group of peers works wonders for your efforts to date her. You have also made it obvious that the event is for her. A common mistake most Romeos make: Treating her to something special in the presence of her friends may sound romantic but can spell doom for your efforts.

Dating indian females

The woman will feel embarrassed before her circle for making such overt moves. Since you are planning on dating her alone later, there is no need to rush. At best, order something special and share with the group. If she likes it, order more. This way, you will show that you are considerate of everyone. It might also confuse her about whom you are trying to woo- which is excellent.

That will make her curious and compete for your attention. Ask how she enjoyed the movie, treat or picnic. This can prove to be your turning point.

If she liked it, invite her alone to another, better and more exciting venue. If she did not- apologize, find the reasons and invite her alone to another outing that specifically suits her taste.

Here you will need some clever ideas to cut out her friends from this special date. The best is, confide to her friend closest to you for keeping others away: Follow up is very crucial.

With some close observation, you can know whether she was impressed, happy and has some interest in you. You can notice this by a change in behavior. Change or not, invite her to another date. You can handle the rejection.

Refusal indicates three things:


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