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How to tell if your dating a selfish person idea very

5 Attitudes that reveal that he is very selfish in the relationship

Have you ever been in a relationship with a selfish partner? Selfish people can suck the happiness out of you and leave you emotionally drained. They believe that they deserve all your attention and love without giving you anything in return. No one wants to be treated like this. Even when they fail to do so, we often tend to excuse them by thinking that they just had a bad day or they had other more important things to do.

They may even try to shift the responsibility to you and blame you for all the problems that will arise in your relationship. To have a healthy and deep relationship both partners must show commitment, empathy, affection, and interest. They should equally share their responsibilities. They believe that they can never upset you or break your heart.

They will think that you can never leave them and that things are going to be the same forever. Your partner will always think his needs, opinions, pleasures, and problems matter more than yours.

It may seem strange but the way your partner communicates with you can reveal a lot about them. You should ask yourself these questions: Does your better self come to the surface when your partner is talking to you?

These people can criticize you harshly and without any justifiable reasons. You can be sure that your partner is selfish if they always want to be their way. They do that out of fun.

They do it to feed their ego. You can be hurt and feel unworthy, but who cares?

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Having fun and boosting self-confidence is what your selfish partner is interested in. But once you get to know them, you realize that they are only looking out for number one.

They will never commit to something or someone unless they are getting some sort of benefit from it.

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You can be going through something awful and they will make you feel like an idiot for being upset. They always find a way to get out of it when you turn to them for help. Even though they ask favors from others all the time. Just because you make a sacrifice for them does not mean they would do the same for you.

They are great manipulators, unable to consider the implications of their own actions and how they may affect others. Doing things their way is the only way.

How to tell if your dating a selfish person

They will go to any length to see that things are done their way, regardless of who could be affected by their actions. Realization and acceptance are the first steps to getting the hell away from these people.

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