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Opinion you vegan dating portland necessary words

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Young couples sharing chocolate croissants. Kids gleefully nibbling on frosted cookies. And, of course, tourists photographing bowls of biscuits and gravy. Two doors down at Food Fight grocery, shoppers stock up on ice cream, handfuls of candy bars, fancy cheeses, and frozen meat-combo pizzas. The scene could easily take place in any American city—except that every single thing, in both shops, is made exclusively out of plants. A plant-based diet is now the celebrity lifestyle du jour, and eerily realistic faux meats and nut cheeses now sell alongside quinoa-kale salads and avocado toast.

When I'm not hiking, I go for long walks with my dog in the city. Sometimes we play ball in the park. I also live with two older cats who are a bit more sedentary. I'm a very compassionate person, and I love helping others, especially those who need the most help.

I've just received my architecture license, though I may abandon that field for something else. If you want more info on that, send me a "note"! Living in Portland , oregon Raw food diet. Open to chat with people both local and international. I'll leave my profile simple. However, if you would like to chat, or if you have any questions for me, send a message: Veggie-geddon is a 40 year old, spiritual male. I was brought up a lacto-vegetarian but have been a vegan for ethical reasons 'bout 11 years now.

Karen in PDX is a 62 year old, spiritual female. Witty, intelligent; love animals; sensitive and caring; down-to-earth; introspective and contemplative; did I mention, love animals??

Also a lover of nature and the outdoors Committed to environmental issues and supporting animal welfare. Yoga is amazing and must be worked into the routine. Spontaneous--yet good at planning events. Athletic--yet graceful and feminine.

A great relationship is worth the trade-offs Jeremy is a 35 year old, Atheist male. I play video games and eat vegetables. Dawn is a 45 year old, Atheist female. I am a vegan, animal lover. I have a mini-poodle, he's my heart. I am honest, loyal, monogamous, loving, passionate, compassionate, empathetic, sarcastic, and a smart- ass. Never married, no kids. I love guns and tattoos.

What We Ate While Working Out Some Issues In Portland

Favorite movies would be comedies. Mustaches and excessive facial hair are a turn off. Vegan dating would be ideal!

Vegan dating portland

Joedang is a 28 year old, Atheist male. Living in Portland , oregon Vegetarian diet. I'm a nerdy, chaotic-good memelord looking for a cuddle buddy. I'm into physics, doggos, space, sci-fi, long walks, dank memes, and deep conversation. Rose is a 30 year old, spiritual female.

My highest priorities are my son, my puppy, my health, fitness, education, community, and living sustainably. We live in a tiny house and enjoy being minimalists. I also manage several farmers markets. I have been vegan for 5 years.

Is not essential for my partner to be vegan but at least be conscious of their choices. I spend most of my time outdoors, hiking, cycling, running, walking the dog, kayaking, etc. I don't like a lot of stuff and I live pretty simply.

Don't even own a TV. I'm not looking for someone to be exactly like me, but rather someone who shares the same values of conscious, holistic and simplistic living. Having a spiritual connection to the creator whatever you call it is very important to me. I feel very connected to the earth and all its inhabitants!

I enjoy learning about plant energies and medicines, spirit connections, and crystal and energy healing. I also practice meditation as well as mindfulness throughout all aspects of my life. I love to be silly and laugh. I'm quick-witted and speak fluent sarcasm! Stacy is a 35 year old, spiritual female. Living in Portland , oregon Almost veg diet. I am a Spiritual old Soul, humanitarian, animalitarian, Lightworker, Rock Hound, miniaturist, hypnotist and cat fanatic. I stopped eating beef years ago and most other animals except fish but I am working on it.

It disgusts me how cruel meat and dairy farms are to animals and I decided six months ago that I can no longer be a part of contributing to it. It's really hard being a vegetarian though because I don't like vegetables!

Bought an artichoke the other day, it didn't turn out right! Looking for friends who can help me with what to buy and how to prepare an even healthiet diet. I've been single the longest I ever have in my whole life.

For the first time, I feel happy and complete on my own and don't need anyone to "rescue me" but I've been a hermit so having a friend to do things with would be nice too. Drama had no place in my life and I always smile. I spend my days lately making whimsical fairy house night lights and miniature fairy dollhouses with wee fairy furniture.

There's nothing better than sleeping outside! Divorced father of two. Have a car, my own place and a career I will retire in. I'm a bit of a gamer.

Camp, ride bikes, bar hoops, stay in, go out, nothing I'm very Buddhist in my approach. I wear sandals to protect from thorns and do not try to cover the earth with leather. This great classroom requires tests to be taken individually but we may have fellow classmates with whom we can study, learn and grow with.

I am in pursuit of these co-journeyers. May we walk the path together Musician, carpenter, vegan chef, herbalist. I look like that guys brother from burning man, but far from. I'm thoughtful, positive, emotionally stable, intuitive and creatively intelligent.

I'm also opinionated, cynical, comparative, and a clean freak. I was raised a jock by a pastor and now I'm a smiley long hair who loves anything lovely.

I'm an amazing cook and listener. I'm complicated in a good way, you might find me interesting, I like to be charming and sometimes I'm a bit predictable. I have been a vegetarian for more than thirty years, and now veganish. I am a masculine, liberal man who wants to date another gay vegetarian or vegan. Politics and art are especialy important to me, and I'm interested in baseball, literature, cinema Matthew is a 29 year old, Atheist male.

Gary is a 48 year old, spiritual bi-male. I've been single for quite a while now and have not even dated since I have been divorced. I have taken time for myself to focus on spiritual practice and things that make me happy. I am so much better for it. But, now, I'm curious about meeting someone special. I'm not looking for hook ups.

I like hiking, biking, walking, reading and holding hands. Love, yoga, music and of course good vegetarian food I've dicovered the key to happiness. Won't you come with me? Erik is a 51 year old, Atheist male. I'm an adventurous, creative guy. My main passion is music. I play guitar in a band called The Roving Eyes, which plays mostly my originals. I've also been a visual artist.

I worked as a caricaturist, for awhile but I tended to be too slow at drawing people. I've worked mostly in transportation for the last 24 years.

I like to get outdoors, especially when it's sunny. I have a book called 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles of Portland, that has some great hikes listed in it.

I've done about half of them. I would like to do a few more this Spring, as well as re-visit some favorite ones. I have a good sense of humor, and finding someone who I can connect with on that level is important to me to.

I enjoy going to comedy open mics sometimes, like at the Helium. I've attempted stand up comedy a few times, which only makes me admire those who can do it well more. Love the wholesome gospel. VeggieHumanist is a 47 year old, Atheist female. I'm an adventurous introvert with a propensity to occasional extroversion. I love solitude and can keep myself busy and entertained but when I get together with friends I know how to have a good time!

When I do go out I love to dance, sing karaoke, hike, explore and watch good entertainers. When I'm alone I like to watch documentaries, read, play online poker and cook. I love to camp and enjoy the outdoors when I can. Bill is a 63 year old, spiritual male. I am a recent converted vegan who loves to play guitar, work out, and read. I love my job, I am a video producer for Nike. I have 2 beautiful daughters who are very important to me. Some actives I enjoy doing are exploring new vegan foodie scenes, wine tasting, visiting the different vineyards, volunteering at animal sanctuaries, hiking and staying fit, walking my dogs, traveling, etc.

However, I also enjoy my down time, like watching movies and reading books. I eat dinner, a lot. I work, play, create art, and am generally pretty happy.. I have a dry sense of humor. I work preprofessionally as an autism specialist. I am honest and well intentioned. I recently relocated from Milwaukie to a new studio in the Alphabet District downtown. I grew up in Illinois and went to a university in Connecticut. I have ties with my extended family, who live in many states here in the US.

I am happy to be in Portland most of the time. I meditate almost every day. I am secure with who I am and where I am going in life..

I have a firm sense of independence.. At the same time I want to create special moments in life and revel in the most mundane with my partner. Ultimately I want to share my dreams, joy, aspirations and family in time with a similar minded man. Raising my 8 year old girl in a healthy way. Providing her opportunities for success and fun I work as an autism specialist and editorial assistant.

I'm starting grad school in January. I have great credit. Hobbies- Art, camping, hiking, tennis, and softball Taking my 6-month old cat outside New hobby- Children's fiction writing. Indian food, raw food. Music moves me, especially when shared with people I care about. I adore those I am around and give them my full attention. Women and men are equals. I am a loving father to my son. I am faithful, intelligent, calm, and a gentlemen to all.

I am reserved at first, and a goof ball once I know a person. I don't complain, instead I make decisions that find solutions. I don't always get it right, but I always keep myself on the path. I know that how we care for ourselves and others is the highest order of achievement we can practice.

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I know that the imagination, and how we feel I am highly creative and very practical. Joy is innate in that which is non resistant. That consciousness is vibrantly alive with thought and feeling, propelling it into a momentum of love and growth.

I love finding joy, and love in each moment possible. I am very affectionate and caring. Kristin is a 32 year old, spiritual female. Positivity and health are two of the most important things to me. I've made a commitment to both, and only surround myself with people who've also embraced a healthy and positive lifestyle. I'm an introvert who likes adventures, and I love a good vegan meal.

I'm very much a let's-meet-in-person kinda gal, so let's meet! ReaderRunner is a 60 year old, spiritual female. Well-educated, graduate degrees in law and philosophy, impassioned reader. Author, gardener, swimmer, jogger, discoverer. I recharge in nature. Value honesty, compassion, knowledge, justice, tenderness, courage, perseverance, nonconformity and self-cultivation. I am a 34 year old sailboat-dwelling vegan.

I prefer to live simply. I have recently taken up cycling and have found that I truly love it. I manage a restaurant.

I love to sketch in my sketchbook. I especially love hand lettering. Amber33 is a 41 year old, spiritual female. I will answer anything you want. Kila is a 32 year old, Rastafari lesbian. I can't help but to sing to Drake, it jsut draws me in.

Vegan groups in Portland

I like to swing dance and play the marimba. Been vegan for a little over 4 years now. I work at a recreational MJ Dispensary, and really enjoy what I do. Message me and say hi: Charles is a 67 year old, Taoist male. Living in Portland , oregon Macrobiotic diet.

I didn't cry until the third day ex utero when the weight of the world finally descended on me like a grand piano and splattered my cosmic consciousness into a superabundance of baby tears. I work as a academic tutor and freelance editor. Sometimes my passion for food and cooking overshadows that I'm really into the outdoors as in enjoying nature, especially after having lived in a huge city for over two years; I'm looking forward to the abundant green spaces and nature oases Portland has to offer.

Well, what to say huh? And here I fancy myself a writer and yet the blank page is always mildly intimidating. Are you familiar with Chomsky, and Howard Zinn, well my political beliefs line up with theirs. I like to read, mostly older more classic stuff, rarely living writers, which I kind of regret because writers, like all artist, need support, and it doesn't help much to support them after they're gone.

Music wise; it would be much easier to say what i don't like: I am kind, loving and loyal. Winter is a 28 year old, spiritual female. My name is Winter, I recently moved to Portland from the northeast, and I love it here. I've been a vegan for about 5 years and have plans to keep it up for the rest of my life! I love yoga and nature and doing all kinds of things outside, but also love relaxing inside with netflix or a book. I enjoy writing and blogging and all kinds of creative things.

Dance mostly ballet and music are a big part of my life. Most people think I'm extremely kind and I am, but caring so much about others can definitely take its toll. Please don't take it personally or be put off by it, it doesn't last long!

I think it's worth saying that even though I'm describing myself this way and it's all true, people would definitely say I'm pretty normal Not judging or having anything against people that aren't 'normal'! Rochelle is a 45 year old, Atheist lesbian. Adventure seeking, animal loving educator. Veganpie is a 60 year old, Taoist male. I moved here in 93 to work on a campaign to outlaw cruel hunting practices.

We won and I stayed. I was so impressed with the vegan options after having come from the Boston area where vegan dining was an oddity. Bill is a 61 year old, spiritual male. I am a recent converted vegan who loves to play guitar, work out, and read. I love my job, I am a video producer for Nike. I have 2 beautiful daughters who are very important to me.

It would be nice to meet an interesting, perhaps a bit old fashioned, free thinking woman with a strong sense of "self". As for me, I'm super active, I cycle, rock climb, hike, backpack, snowboard, paddleboard, swim, basically anything that has to do with being at a river. I read a lot, enjoy the taste of an amazing espresso macchiato, and love real conversations with the "real" hard working individuals who create the fabric of our society.

If that's too deep, I'm not really sorry that you don't get it: I don't force my eating habits on anybody, I come from a family of meat eaters. I will on occasion very seldom have an egg, dairy cheese, or fish line caught. That may seem to many of you to be a super pain in the butt, but in reality its super easy to do and i feel amazing as result of my dietary choices.

Please don't judge my rabbit food lifestyle, and i wont judge your desire to eat something bloody: I work to live, not live to work. I do however typically work two jobs simultaneously but being that I'm a computer geek I work them both remotely. This allows me the freedoms to live, work, and play anywhere I like, any time I like. I have zero geography restrictions and would love to someday travel the world.

Plusses if you a bag packed and ready to go. Good luck to all those who embark on this seemingly necessary-evil that we call online dating. I'm 38, single, cute full of spunk and always friendly. I'm a social butterfly that has a great sense of adventure.


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