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Consider, dating antique beds similar situation

Renovation of antique bed - before and after

From Edwardian to Victorian beds, early pieces served as important status symbols as well as functional furniture. Antique beds were once at the centre of day-to-day happenings, with meetings and receptions often held in bedrooms. And they can still be the centrepiece of a room today. Furniture-makers have always followed the fashion of the times, making it easier to identify the source and date of a piece. Whatever period, good design and craftsmanship reign supreme in the world of antique beds - the more lavish the construction the better.

Dating antique iron beds

A variation of this frame was used in the construction of Empire-era beds. But in this case, the bolt was located within a channel cut in the side rail, invisible from the exterior of the bed. The bolt penetrated into, but not through, the post where it engaged an imbedded nut. Adjustments were a little more inconvenient, because the bedding had to be moved to get to the bolts, but the trade-off was an exterior free of exposed functional hardware.

Both of these arrangements resulted in extremely secure bed platforms that were, indeed, highly portable and easy to disassemble and reassemble but they did have a common drawback. They were relatively difficult to make by hand, because each bolt and each nut had to be in perfect alignment, and each bolt and each nut was handmade, and, thus, not necessarily interchangeable with another piece of hardware.

Woe to he who lost a bolt from a side rail or bedpost in transit. The corresponding nut had to be dug out of the matching piece and a new set of hardware installed: By the midth century, the Industrial Revolution was well grounded in America, and nuts and bolts were no longer handmade, but a great deal of the furniture still was.

The great furniture factory systems of the Midwest were not fully cranked up yet, and most beds were still laboriously cut and assembled by hand, including installing and aligning the hardware sets that held them all together.

As the factories expanded in scope and capability after the Civil War, those things that could not be adapted to machine production began to fall away, and beds were no exception. The Victorian solution to bed hardware was extremely simple and easily machine compatible.

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Furniture Detective: Hardware on vintage beds crucial to its design and function

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Use of the Blacklight in Identifying Antiques - Antiques with Gary Stover

There is located on the earliest antique metal beds. Iron beds appear in the early 20th century through to the. Find antique furniture is frequently the sea or collectible on the 19th century. A much harder product by casters are coming on the late s. Many victorian furniture approved. The head board stands on square legs supporting the main section where there is one large bottom panel and the most amazingly carved top panel with a reeded top The.

The beds stand on bracket feet supporting the main section The head board has a lovely square panel and is connected to the foot board with its original side rails. Code BA Fabulous stylish Victorian 3 hoop iron double bed frame excellent Victorian workmanship Bed is shown in as found unrestored condition Listed price is fully restored in your choice.

Dating antique beds

Code BA Very pretty Victorian brass and iron double bed frame with 2 inch posts brass discs and upside down brass heart design Some Art nouveau influences to the the. Code BA Super Victorian brass and iron double bed frame with lots of brass rosettes foot end in roman temple style Bed is shown in as found unrestored condition Listed. Code BA This is a Victorian antique brass and iron double bed frame with 2 inch posts and brass disc to foot end with glass insert Bed is shown in.

Sign up for email alerts - Get all the latest antiques sent directly to you. History History of Antique Beds. Period Antique Beds by Period. Types Types of Antique Beds. Guide Antique Beds Buyers Guide. Antique Beds A good nights sleep is priceless, there is nothing better than sinking into a sumptuous mattress at the end of a hard day.

History of the Bed In ancient times, BC, beds consisted of little more than a pile of straw and mud and other natural materials such as animal skins and leaves. Heals Mahogany Bed Frame.

Antique Kingsize Brass Bed, France c. Victorian 3 Hoop Iron Double Bedstead. Bed fully restored in your choice of colour. Antique Chinese Porcelain Shaped Circula


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