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FIFA 19 Weekend League Frequently Asked Questions

If your post includes content not directly extracted from the game, it will be removed. If you're not sure, just ask. Send a message to mod mail before posting if you have questions about what is and isn't allowed.

If you see something that isn't right, report it. Clicking the report button under the post is the fastest way to helps us catch anything that might be in violation of the rules. If your posts includes content that is against the game's TOS , it will be removed. FUT Fut Champions matchmaking self. How does matchmaking work in FUT Champions? Do I get matched up against same level teams or same rank?

Means if you win 3 in a row you have 3 Form Points. You lose Game Number 4 and now you have 2 Form Points again. The Game tries to match you up with people around the same form level.

So someone that played close to 30 games but is constantly winning and losing back to back could have a low form and meet someone that just freshly started out. Too many players and over 30 Games there won't be seen a "true" indicator of skilllevel because the sample size isn't high enough.

With the amount of players Fifa has you could easily dodge good players even though you all have a somewhat flawless Record this WL. In Theory by the size of the Fifa Community its possible that actual bad players could match up against other bad players that are on a run because they never had to play a good player that takes away their "Form Points". Well teams dont matter so it's rank. I have an 89 rated team and come up against 81 rated teams. It's cruise control until 14 wins.

Yes, it is possible. However, in a lower division you get less points for each win.


In other words, you will need to play more to achieve the qualification for the Weekend League. You can use the token to play in any other time. You cannot have more than one token at a time. In fact, your points stop as soon as you reach 2, As you can only hold up to 2, FUT Champions Points at one time, any Points gained that would push your total over 2, Points will be lost.

Increasing the maximum number of games from 25 to 30 for FUT Champions on PC will, for the first time, allow players to earn the same level of rewards for playing the Weekend League as console players. This game mode is available everyday.

It can be played in weekends, when Weekend League is running. Unless you are not qualified for the Weekend League, you should always play it.

With the likelihood of coming up against tougher opponents in the Weekend League, they wanted to ensure that your Skill Rating, which determines your Division in Rivals, remained unaffected by the matches you play in Weekend League. Whilst your Skill Rating remains unaffected by playing the Weekend League, each game played will earn some Weekly Score in Division Rivals helping you improve your standing in the Rivals Weekly Competition.

That means that every game played in the Weekend League contributes to unlocking to rewards in both the Weekend League and Division Rivals.

The schedule is being published as the competition goes on, and for that reason sometimes it shows one more round and at other times it shows two or three rounds.

You can check the complete calendar clicking here. You need to complete at least five matches to rank. If you play less than five matches, you will not receive any reward for that week. The weekly rewards are not delivered as soon as you finish your matches.

According to Electronic Arts, you will receive them before the start of the next Weekend League. Most likely, they will be delivered to you around 8am UK time of every Thursday. You can follow our calendar to know the exact time for each round. Each level has its own rewards you can see them clicking here. You can check the weekly rewards for the three platforms on our website.

There are no monthly reward packs in FUT The packs you receive as Weekend League rewards can be opened anytime. If you want, you can save them to open when better cards are in packs, as is the case of the Team of the Year. They will be waiting for you as soon as you open FUT on your console next time. The cards from the basic weekly rewards are tradeable. You can sell them on the transfer market. The cards from the player picks are untradeable.

Yes, since January that all matches started to take place in the FeWC Stadium, with the Time of Day always set to night and weather always set to clear. That is not possible. That feature is not available in this game mode. The first important goal for FUT Champions is to ensure that every weekend is a clean slate for players to compete for wins and rewards. Everyone starts each weekend fresh at zero form, moving up or down with each win or loss.

Players with similar form are then paired in matchmaking. The result is that players that are better than average in the Weekend League which is already a very skilled group of players will quickly boost their form. The higher their form gets, the more challenging the competition becomes. Only the best of the best can consistently beat players with high form and attain Elite and Top status.

The second key piece to matchmaking is location. One of the major changes is the addition of controller inputs, which allows you to see buttons the top players are pressing in every scenario of play, including during instant replays.

Please help I have never been able to access the web app! It always says I need to create a team when I already have one! I have changed the email on my Microsoft account that might be why but I need help!

Matchmaking fut champion

Please, contact the EA Support. Am i eligible to play this weekend? Can someone tell me what time it starts and what time it ends to? Can someone please also tell me if everyone in the league has the best players and who i am coming up against? Some of your questions are answered in this page for example, you can understand who will play against clicking here.

You can check the calendar here. Hi, i have 15 wins nog with one more game to go but i cant reacht gold 2 anymore.

Is it any use to still play the remaining game? In terms of reward quality? If I have played WL before, then travel to another continent in the following week can I still qualified for the following WL and play from that continent?

Hi, Just wanted to know if the reward boundaries change like in Fut Rivals or Squad battles or if the amount of wins required for each rank is in solidly in place for the entire week? Can I un-redeem my points?

Pitch Notes: FUT Champions Weekend League

I accidentally redeemed my points for the next WL but I do not want to play that weekend. If I go to the leaderboard and go to the previous month, it shows me that I was gold 3 with 56 wins. Do I get gold 3 monthly rewards, or does this rank mean nothing? There are no monthly rewards this year.

They were replaced by weekly player picks. The only thing new is the feature that gives you the chance to register via Web or Companion App but always prior to the WL round start.


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