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Advantages and disadvantages of dating an older guy opinion

Age Gaps In Relationships

Ladies, when it comes to getting the man of your dreams, keep the older guys at the front of your mind. The advantages of dating an older man are plenty. If you are tired of the games of men your own age, you will be pleasantly surprised because young women dating older men have a lot to look forward to. While guys your own age will usually pay for dates, you are usually considered more economically equal, and don't quite get that extra-special treatment from them. But one of the advantages of dating older men is that they are more likely to shower you with little gifts.

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Advantages and disadvantages of dating an older guy

ODPEM seeks to promote culture of earthquake preparedness. Controlling A man who pays the bills also feels they are owed something. He is entrenched in his life and you will be conforming to his way of living.

Wise There is no substitution for experience, and your old geezer has had many more years to accumulate and learn from them. He has probably already made all the mistakes you can make and can see problems coming from a mile away. He can help advise and guide you through whatever you might be traversing. Condescending Some men may not have actually gained wisdom over their years, only a sense that they know it all.

Disadvantages of dating an older man

This leads to condescension and a fatherly patronization that is distinctly unsexy. A wise man is the man who knows he knows nothing. He knows that commitment is work.

Less exciting A man who is mature is, almost by nature, less exciting.

5 Disadvantages of Dating an Older Man

Are you ready to settle down with a man who comes complete with a family? An older man might not share all of your interests, values, beliefs and opinions. Furthermore, he is less likely than a younger man to want to go out and party or bungee jump from a bridge at the weekend. Instead, he will probably want to enjoy cozy nights at home, attend dinner parties, or go out for romantic meals at restaurants.

If you want to go out and enjoy doing all the things that young people usually find fun, you had best avoid the older man. If you date and then marry an older man, you are going to have to deal with the fact that he will eventually grow old and feeble.

This may mean that you eventually have to take care of him. It also means that he will very probably die long before you do.

Girl Talk: Tips On Dating A Older Man ?? - should you Date A Older Man?- I got You Sis! ??-

Are you prepared to care for your man when he can no longer look after himself? Are you willing to become a widow early in life?


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