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Dating amanda sleeping dogs opinion

Sleeping Dogs Walkthrough Part 6 Amanda Missions (ALL) (Xbox/PS3/PC) HD

I've done 1 date each for the 3 of them. One of them found out and dumped me and I haven't been able to call any of them since then. I thought it may have been because I needed to be further in the game but I'm pretty deep in and still can't call any of them. Can you do any other missions for them or are there just 1 each? Man, I thought this was a much different question until I saw it was under Sleeping Dogs. As for what you're actually asking, no idea, just started the game last night.

If there were not missions cut out of the hostess dating then I guess Wei is a totally psycho clinger. And he gets in a relationship with a girl and just completely cuts off contact with them for the rest.

As a few others have suggested, it should have just had one or two romances and had more depth to them. The only one that felt whole to me was the rich girl near the end but that was because that's totally the type of girl that would like to drive around in a fancy car with you and then bang and that's that.

Dating amanda sleeping dogs

I agree with Humanity on how they didn't force you to take girls on pointless, non-mission dates to earn whatever "upgrades" the game had like they used to in titles like San Andreas or whatever, but it would've been nice if they cut down on the "power fantasy, fuck-everything-that-moves" and focus on the few girls who seemed interesting and incorporate them into the main story.

The dissonance wasn't as bad as it was in GTAIV with Niko, but Wei is supposed to be this classy guy and suddenly he's stalking some woman and cornering her even though he's moved on to someone else. Actually, there were a few instances where Wei did something uncharacteristic, but I suppose it was in order to keep his cover. As I said, just cutting it down to one or two girls and having it be fleshed out would have been just fine.

The thing is the hostess blow up could have been fine if it was earned. It really isn't ultimately uncharacteristic.

Wei is a total hot head and he gets overemotional. But you don't even go on a date with the girl before you go on all the stalker missions so it seems so bizarre and unearned. Or Wei is literally insane. If the dating options in the game were just the initial white girl can't remember her name and the hostess and they were more fleshed out with their own "missions" of sorts, it would have been much better.

You could have developed the hostess relationship and if you were seeing the other girl that moment actually would have been really fucking cool. As is it's just dumb.

There's a finer, better world out there that we apparently don't deserve, where this question was SO much more interesting. I just assume they put in these "dates" in lieu of dry tutorials.

Each girl introduces you to something new, even if you may have already did that through open world exploration. Amanda, the white girl, introduces you to the dojo, Ping to cameras, the hostess to karaoke I think and, laughably, the Russian girl has a free running segment in case you didn't know that existed in the game yet.

Photograph Amanda - Sleeping Dogs Dating Mission #3

I would have liked to spend some more time with each girl or at least have some sort of tiny txt message concluding each relationship - like for instance Amanda sending you a txt that she's going back to the states. At the same time oh well - I don't care how in character any of it was for Wei because the moment a mission was over I was riding by the sidewalk mowing people down with my doors so yah.

I just always assumed there were meetings between them that weren't shown to the player i. But yeah, totally agree, they should've been way more developed than they were. One of my few criticisms toward the game. To me, what you're saying about them as tutorials is just how Sleeping Dogs was well designed to have so many things feed back into its gameplay. Like how the collectables gave you health or new moves. That kind of thing. I thought it was silly but the game was still good.

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Boards Sleeping Dogs So, there's supposed to be a gap between Amanda's dates? There are doorways I haven't opened, and windows I've yet to look through. Going forward may not be the answer. Maybe I should go back. The girlfriend system is very poorly implemented and feels like an afterthought.

You usually get two missions with them. First being when you meet them and the second being a date. You saw it all right. They could only afford her for a few lines. Just like John Goodman is only in Rage for the first 3 missions. I love how it ended with her though.

How does dating the girlfriends work?

You cannot mess up other mission options in this game. Fairlight View Profile View Posts. If you read the police report on your phone about Amanda, it says she hangs out with dozens of Chinese guys all the time and the chances of a relationship with her are incredibly low. Presumably, Wei isn't interested anymore once he reads that.

Spoiler - dumps Wei. She flat out tells him it is over.

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