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Over the last decade, though, many of the university's "unusual" rules have been discarded, and a kinder, gentler BJU has emerged, while still holding to the fundamental truths found in their creed. Movie theatres are no longer off limits certain restrictions still remain in place , women can wear pants, and men are allowed to have beards and their hair has grown noticeably longer. The school has also embraced discipleship over a strict disciplinarian system. I'm no great expert on BJU, and while I applaud accreditation and the other changes that are being made, the school's reasons why, and how they're presented, are going to make all the difference. Are the old policies simply going down the memory hole, or are they going to say "the former policy was not Biblical", or "times have changed, and this risk is no longer as great as we once feared? The answers are going to communicate a lot about the intellectual mood about the school. And regarding the beard policy, I'm reminded of friends who attended Moody, which then had a a policy against beards and b pictures of DL with a gorgeous beard all over the place.

My girls would dress modestly regardless of what the rules are but I share your concerns. The fact of the matter is that if you care about music, modesty, separation, and academic excellence, there really are not very many options out there. If BJU loses its distinctiveness in these areas then what is the point of going there?

We are very excited for him, and as far as I can tell he has had a great start. They now compete with North Greenville, Liberty, Wheaton, etc.

The thing is, unlike whatever happened at Northland, whatever BJU is doing is working. They ain't reversing course because old school-ish fundamentalists aren't entirely happy with the direction.

Sorry I've been very busy and off line for most of Wednesday, John, and did not see your question until this morning. No, I was not referring to your article with my comment. I was referring to the initial responses. BJU has long attracted criticism on SI and elsewhere for it's strict rules. Now, with a loosening of the rules, it is attracting criticism for not having rules that are strict enough. Poor BJU, damned if you do, and damned if you don't.

Count me as one who personally benefited from a BJU education one might say BJU experience , and is grateful for the school and its influence in many lives. Our church is blessed many times over by the ministry of BJU. But, I have also often cringed over the years at some aspects of the BJU posture and culture. I realized that certain decisions were made for pragmatic, rather than Biblical reasons.

LIFEatBJU — A documentary of campus life filmed by students

I am generally happy with the changes I see. If I have concerns in the future, I will likely address them to Steve Petit, with whom I am just now beginning to forge a friendship. I have prayed for my alma mater for many years, and believe some of what is now taking place is in answer to the prayers of faithful and concerned alumni.

I trust BJU will still be going strong in 17 years when she is ready for college. Wally, yes and no. My first thought when reading your comment was to note that I'm an "equal opportunity offender", and hence my inclination is to hold both sides of these debates to the requirement to have Biblical justification. Biblical justification to keep, say, the ban on beards, and Biblical justification to do away with it.

That noted, in light of Paul's letter to the Galatians and his emphasis on Christian liberty, I would dare say that those who wish to impose rules that are more stringent than the obvious sense of Scripture are the ones who have the clearer responsibility to justify these policies with Scripture, sound rhetoric, and clear facts.

Those who would say "that's not worth regulating" can simply point to the lack of Biblical authorization for that position and invite those who would impose it to come up with sound reasoning for their position.

The default position is not regulation, but liberty. This is especially the case when I consider how many of these policies are based on nonsense evidence, nonsense logic guilt by association and ad hominem are prominent , and the like.

If you want to tell students that academic and Biblical excellence only goes so far, and that when push comes to shove, the culture is going to set the tone, that's what you do. If, on the other hand, BJU wants to show students that their stand for Biblical and academic excellence is strong, they need to proceed to make some changes in the student handbook, sometimes in the policies, but more importantly in how those policies are justified.

BJU is a lightening rod for passionate criticism. I didn't go there didn't go to any Christian undergrad, actually , and I have no axe to grind one way or the other. From what I see, Pettit is doing a very good job. Regional accredditation is a big step.

From the outside, it seems as if Maranatha and BJU are both doing very well, and both have very capable, level-headed and sane leaders at the helm. I am very optimistic about both institutions going forward.

Bob Jones University

I see students, both male and female, wearing jeans or even shorts in many of the photos. That's definitely a change from years past. I spent four days on the BJU campus in , and I recall no jeans or shorts anywhere, ever.

Perhaps in the privacy of the dorms, maybebut certainly not elsewhere, and most definitely not in mixed company. To my eye, these photos could have been taken at Wheaton, Bethel University St. Paul, or any other mainstream evangelical college campus I've ever visited. You can't treat adult students like they're kindergartners, and expect spiritual maturity. Yay for a discipleship emphasis. Yay for jettisoning external standards as unhelpful.

We seem to forget - the students are adults. We should treat them like adults. Discipleship is the local church's job. Skip to main content. Twitter Jim's Doctrinal Statement.

Damned if you do, and damned if you don't. This is the most current general women's dress code: They're doing good stuff. Regional accreditation is good. Also, some of the campus policies seem to cater more to dorm students than town students. It is sometimes too conservative which drives people away.

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All Questions for Bob Jones University. What should every freshman at your school know before they start? Say anything about your college! What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Many of the staff hold their undergraduate and graduate degrees from Bob Jones University itself. While it is very common for a school to hire its own graduates, the problem is the people who got their degrees from BJU earned them while the university was unaccredited.

An example of this is most of the seminary faculty have their Bachelors through Ph. The BJU student handbook [9] is a fun read.

Only upperclassmen are permitted to have facial hair, but it must not be grown while on campus. There are stipulations about whom students can live with while off campus a relative over 23 of the same gender.

In "executing its disciplinary system as a private educational institution," BJU claims they may inspect rooms, phones, computers, and email accounts at any time for any reason "if deemed necessary.

Appendix A and B are the classic arguments against abortion and transgender people, and appendix C is an essay in opposition of such things as homosexuality, "erotic realism," and "false philosophical or religious assumptions—the most dangerous, yet the most overlooked, of all objectionable elements. Creationism is heavily integrated into the curriculum.

Requirements for admissions include two letters of recommendation from a church and a family interview.

Bob jones university dating rules

BJU Press is purportedly the largest source of homeschooling textbooks in the US, [21] and is purportedly the largest publisher in South Carolina. See the main article on this topic: In addition to strengthening your faith in the reliability of the Bible, this perspective will also help prepare you to understand modern secular interpretations of science and apply a biblical worldview to them.

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